Break The World | Fay-Ann Lyons | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

Wow... Fay-Ann is sure on top of her game for this upcoming festival in 2015! Here is another excellent song from Fay-Ann! The song is entitled "Break The World" and it is hot, hot, hot!
This song was written and performed by Fay-Ann but the excellent music production comes from the very talented musical loins of Sheriff of Black Ice Studios fame. Indeed Sheriff put the music to rest then plucked the musical notes from a magical slate. From that musical slumber he awoke and gave us this musical gem.
Kudos to everyone concerned in the production of this very energetic and captivating musical gem. Fay-Ann add her magic with sound lyrical content and a commanding vocal performance. Well done people!

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Music Release Notes:
Written and sung by Fay-Ann Lyons, Produced by Sheriff (Black Ice Studios). Mastered by Madmen Productions, Recorded at Soundlock Studios. Artwork by Trevyn Roberts.

When harmonious melodies are fused with rhythmic pulses, you can’t help but move. The Ground Empire has once again delivered an offering guaranteed to keep you on your feet.

Written and sung by Fay-Ann Lyons and produced by the gifted Sheriff, of Black Ice Studios, this song takes us back to a time when complicated beats were not needed for the dance floor. Go ahead, shake it like you wanna break the world, I dare you.

Production Notes:
Song Title: Break The World
Written by: Fay-Ann Lyons
Performed by: Fay-Ann Lyons
Produced by: Sheriff of Black Ice Studios
Mixed by: ***
Mastered by: Madmen Production
Recorded at Soundlock Studios

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