All About That Bass | Megan Trainor Loves Soca Music!

I have a bit of trivia for music lovers; this trivia should be of interest to the Caribbean basin Soca music lovers. Did you know that Megan Trainor's favorite music genre is "Soca" from Trinidad and Tobago?  Yes  sweet Soca music that was created by Lord Shorty - it is about time this music genre gets the recognition it deserves and if it takes a simply commentary from a top artist then so be it.

Who is Megan Trainor? For those living in a cave Megan has the number one song in America! However, she has a Trinidad connection that should be of interest for Caribbean music lovers.

The following was taken from an interview done by Billboard magazine with Megan. The song follows the paragraph:

"Billboard: In a rarity among musical artists, you're from Nantucket. You must have fond memories of growing up in such a picturesque place.

Trainor: I love it. I was born and raised there. I went to school there up until high school, when we moved to the Cape [Cod], although we kept our house [on Nantucket], so we would go back and forth.

Radio was my life growing up. Then, I started in our family band with my uncle, my father, my aunt and my little brother. We would go to The Chicken Box and all the bars and play. Those are the main places there for music.

My uncle is from Trinidad, so, ever since I was 7, I grew up listening to Soca, the genre that's from there. It's my favorite sound. So, we put a band together and we would play Soca … and then I would go up and play my little pop songs (laughs). It was fun!"
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If you are interested in reading the complete article then follow this link:Meghan Trainor On 'All About That Bass': It's About 'Loving Your Body … And Your Booty' (Q&A)

Check out "Run Gyal" by Mayaro the Ban a song that was co-written and co-produced by Megan Trainor. Yes, she is involved in the culture and her statement that Soca is her "Favorite Sound" has come full circle... check out the song at the following link: Run Gyal

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