Grenada Lime Soca Monarch Finals 2014 | Bacchanal Friday

The Grenada Soca Monarch finals will take place at the National Stadium on Friday August 8th. 2014. This is the last major Carnival in the Caribbean for 2014. The show should come live via the Internet. The links to the video feed will be posted when they become available. This should be a very interesting show... log in (on show date/link provided) to see what happens next! 

The show starts at 8:00 pm Eastern Caribbean Time (Eastern Standard Time US); the cost to see the show via the Live Internet video/audio feed is US$10.00. You can purchase your virtual ticket at the following link: Purchase Soca Monarch Ticket!

Listen to the show via Wee FM radio (free of charge) with this link: Wee FM Live Radio Feed

SMC/Lime Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists: Order of Appearance for Spice Mas 2014
  • Baby L
  • Shortpree
  • Killa B
  • Blaka Dan
  • Scholar 
  • Allan G
  • Sheldon Douglas
  • Teddy Rhymz
  • Ajamu
  • Lil Vaughn
  • Randy Isaac
  • Coxilus
  • Dave Peters aka Boogie B
  • Leftist (Stand by in case of artist default)
SMC/Lime Soca Monarch Finalists: Order of Appearance for Spice Mas 2014
  • Lil Vaughn
  • Squeeze Head
  • Scholar
  • Mr. Walkie
  • Shortpree 
  • Inspector
  • Killa B
  • Luni Spark & Electrify
  • Boyzie
  • Terror Kid
  • Boogie B
  • Ajamu
  • Bramma
  • Randy Isaac
  • Lil Natty & Thunder
  • Sylum
  • Otis (Stand By in case of artist default)
At the end of it all Shortpree emerged as the winner of the Groovy Soca Monarch competition while Luni Sparks and Electrify dominated and won the (Power) Soca Monarch Competition. The announced results are listed below: - See more at:

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