Grenada SMC/LIME Groovy & Soca Monarch Winners 2014

The show started on Friday August 8 and went into the early hours of Saturday August 9, 2014. Everyone wanted to know who triumphed in the Groovy and (Power) Soca Monarch competitions. The results came early Saturday morning with jeers and cheers from supporters who stayed to hear the results. In the end the 'cream of the crop' emerged as winners for the Grenada SMC/LIME Groovy and (Power) Soca Monarch competitions!

The winners and runners up were...

Shortpree emerged as the winner of the Groovy Soca Monarch competition while Luni Sparks and Electrify dominated and won the (Power) Soca Monarch Competition. The announced results are listed below:

I have to make one comment about the songs/music for these competitions. These competitions have to really take note and determine what is a groovy song and what determines a 'Power' Soca track. Do we determine it all by the beats per second? In case of the Groovy competition... "What is Groove"? Sometimes you have to wonder if one show is just a continuation of the other because the lines are blurred and songs from the Groovy competition have a Power Soca feel. This is a trend across the Caribbean region... something needs to be done to get it all right!

Grenada SMC/LIME Groovy Soca Monarch Winner/Runners up:
  1. Shortpree (Fimbar Andrews)- For the Sake
  2. Scholar (Finley Jeffrey) - Nothing for Nothing
  3. Tie for third place Sheldon Douglas & Ajamu (Edison Mitchell) - Horn Child; Pull That String

Grenada SMC/LIME (Power) Soca Monarch Winner/Runners up:
  1. Luni Sparks & Electrify (Kellon & Kelson) - No Mercy
  2. Squeeze Head (Keishon Hazzard)- Turbo Charge
  3. Boyzie (Jalon Olive) - State of Emergency

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