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Tonight I purchased Bunji Garlin's Differentology from Amazon... I have to support this talented Trinidadian! I have featured so much of his music, given to us free via music blasts, and now is the time for some pay back. I am currently listening to all of the songs via NPI Music "First Release" website.

Link to listen to the songs: NPR Music First Release (disabled since the release of the album!). Just get the album from Amazon!

The album has some remixes and different versions on the music you know are on the album. Support Bunji and purchase Differentology... you will love this CD.

I also noticed that the music is available via MP3 download, Compact Disk or via Old School Vinyl album. Please support your local talent. He has given us so much 'free music'. Support Ian Anthony Alvarez your very own Bunji Garlin!

I can't say that I am captivated by the latest iteration of "Truck On D Road (Remix) featuring A$AP. It feels like thy tore out the heart and soul of that song to make it palatable for the American market. That song is the only one that I have to hold back on for now... let's wait and see how others react to this version. I prefer the original version done by "Jus Now"and the Road Mix dropped by Precision Productions (Optimus Prime Mix... that is a wicked mix) for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2014.

The upcoming album by Trinidadian Soca star Bunji Garlin, whose career has soared internationally since the release of his Soca-meets-EDM single "Differentology (Ready For The Road)," will be released through a joint venture between RCA Records and Queens, N.Y.-based reggae independent VP Records on August 12, 2014. Produced by Trinidad's Keron "Sheriff" Thompson, "Differentology"...

Songs on the Album:
  1. Red Light District
  2. Carnival Tabanca
  3. Savage
  4. Differentology
  5. Truck On D Road (Remix) feat. A$AP Ferg
  6. West Indian Jungle
  7. Touchless
  8. Differentology (Major Lazer Remix)
  9. Carnival Tabanca (Viking Remix)
  10. All O’Dem
  11. Stages
  12. Over the Hills
  13. Gi Dem Dey
Here is the link to purchase the album from Amazon: 
Differentology Purchase Link

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