Antigua Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch Finals 2014 | Results

Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch Results Update:
It was a clean sweep for Princess Thalia as she won the Calypso Monarch competition of Antigua and Barbuda. She was also awarded the prize for 'The Most Improved Calypsonian' and 'Best Social Commentary' for her song entitled "Never Say Never". 

The first three places are as follows:
  1. Princess Thalia (Crowned Monarch)
  2. King Pan Man
  3. King Fiah
Tonight is the Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch finals at the Antigua Recreation Grounds. The defending champion, King Edimelo, will not defend his crown tonight making room for a new Calypso Monarch for Antigua and Barbuda Carnival 2014. Calypsonian Destroyer Sr. will now get the opportunity to perform since he is the alternate selection in case someone defaults from the competition. We wish all the participants good luck and may King Carnival reign supreme!

The show can be seen live via the website 'Talk of Antigua'; there is also a chat box to interact with your friends as the show progresses on that site. This is Antigua's Bacchanal Sunday Night - Enjoy the Culture!

Order Of Appearance/Songs as they perform during the show (order is for the second round):
Name of Singer
  • King Kaseba
  • Destroyer Sr. 
  • King Fiah
  • King DeBear
  • Princess Thalia
  • Queen Gee Bee
  • King Pan Man
  • King Young Destroyer
  • King Singing Sudden 
  • King Zacari
First Song
  • Rescue the Nation
  • Justice Delayed
  • Best Opposition
  • A True Calypso
  • Never Say Never
  • Reparation
  • Changing of the Guard
  • Madeba Farewell
  • Just Suppose
  • Madeba
Second Song
  • Awake the Mind
  • The Search
  • A Champion
  • Write the Song
  • Heart and Soul
  • Early Warning 
  • Three Pea to Three Seat
  • Tek Dat
  • Chinese Baker
  • Election Exercise
Update: Road March Results for Antigua Carnival 2014

The artist known as "Menace" took the Road March title (most played song of Carnival Monday and Tuesday) with hs song entitled "Fete"! The top three places are as follows:
  1. Fete by Menace (Road March Winner Carnival 2014 for Antigua & Barbuda)
  2. Chupit U Chupit by Sir Oungku and Red Hot
  3. Hide and Seek by Ricardo Drue

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