Grenada Calypso Monarch for Spicemas 2014 is Ajamu

Grenada's Spicemas has a new calypso monarch for 2014! Congratulations are extended to the New Calypso Monarch of Grenada's Spicemas for 2014 Edson Mitchell. The veteran artist whose sobriquet is "Ajamu" wowed the judges to cop the Monarch early Monday morning just before J'ouvert celebrations crept across the isle of Spice!

The results were as follows Sobriquet or Stage Name/Name:
  1. Ajamu - Edson Mitchell (Calypso Monarch for Spicemas 2014)
  2. Sour Serpent - Sean Niles
  3. Big J -Jason Joseph]
  4. Sheldon Douglas - Sheldon Douglas
  5. Mr. X - Lloyd Panchoo
  6. Ketura - Ketura George
  7. Wizard - Elwyn Mc Quilkin
  8. Randy Isaac - Randy Isaac
  9. Superstar - Germaine Simon
  10. Janis - Janis Augustine

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