Fireman Hooper is the Ragga Soca Monarch of Saint Vincent 2014

Saint Vincent Ragga Soca lacked one very important ingredient tonight... Groove! If Ragga Soca is the smooth side of Soca in Saint Vincent then someone has to explain the amount of techno vibe heard coming from the various artists last night. 

I was very disappointed listening to this show tonight. These songs may be popular on the radio stations but for this Ragga Soca Competition (called Groovy Soca elsewhere) the inclusion of the techno vibe ruined any chance of calling the majority of the songs Ragga Soca. These songs were featured in the Ragga Soca Competition but they were not Ragga Soca songs. The music had no groove and the speed was closer to the Power Soca speed...

Another thing to note for most of the performances was a lack of choreography with some of the performances on stage looking seriously amateurish! Then came "Fireman" and the crowd went crazy - at this point the competition really started! His song entitled "Rum Meeting" fit the bill with groove and the performers looked good on stage... he stole the show with this performance at this juncture - This is Ragga Soca with an excellent performance and on point. He had Victoria Park jumping and going crazy....

Next up was Shernelle Williams aka Skarpyon with his song entitled "Raw Curry" a Chutney Ragga Soca Song. He was dressed in East Indian atire with a turban and accessories and dancers dressed in very colorful dresses.He was smart and limited the 'Chutney element' and brought a more calypso flavor to his performance.

Fire Empress, the defending Ragga Soca Monarch Champion, closed the competition with a song entitled "Fire Meets Ice". I though that Fya Empress did not impress tonight. She talked too much and spoilt the flow of the song. In the end I have to say that in my opinion Fireman won the competition tonight.

Delroy Hooper aka "Fireman" who sang "Rum Meeting" should win the Saint Vincent Ragga Soca Monarch Competition!

Here are the Official Ragga Soca Monarch Results:
  1. Fireman Hooper aka "Fireman" - Rum Meeting
  2. Travis Lynch aka "Wiz Kid" - Fettologist
  3. Lornette Nedd Reid aka "Fya Empress" - Fire Meets Ice

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