Saint Lucia Groovy Soca Party Mix 2014 | DaGreat Promos

If you were wondering what is going on with Lucian Soca then this post should bring you up to date with the latest Groovy Soca songs. This mix is entitled Groovy Sensations (2014 Saint Lucia Groovy Soca Mix). Lucian Groovy Soca is slamming - sweet like sugar cane!

This Mix is sweet and you will love the work done by DaGreat Promotions with this promotional mix showcasing the music of Saint Lucia.

I have already posted thirty one songs for Saint Lucia Carnival 2014 but with this single posting you should get a feel for what is going on courtesy DaGreatPromos - Lucian Groovy Soca Vibes! Lucian Soca to the World!

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