Fireman Hooper is the Power Soca Monarch of Saint Vincent 2014

Fireman Hooper wrecked Victoria Stadium with his Power Soca offeriing of "Unruly" and picked up the Power Soca Monarch crown for 2014 to add to his Ragga Soca Monarch title. Yes it was double trouble tonight for the Fireman as he dethroned last year's champion Skinny Fabulous who sang "Made For This (Red Button). 

The unthinkable happened but it is true that portions of the crowd booed Skinny Fabulous' performance last night. 

Here are the Official Results for the Power Soca Monarch Competition:
Delroy Hooper aka "Fireman" - Unruly
Gamal Doyle aka "Skinny Fabulous" - Made For This (Red Button)
Shertz James aka "Problem Child" - No Discipline

Take a look at the crowd reaction as the results for the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Power Soca Monarch are announced.

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