Myron Bruce repeats as National Humor Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago | 2014

It was a night of Humorous Calypsos at the Queens Park Savanah, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad when TUCO hosted the National Competition for 2014. This is not a late posting after the carnival because the show took place on April 5, 2014 with the results coming just after midnight. The gamble to host this show after carnival 2014 has given the show its own identity and allows for a calypso refresh not long after the festival went to bed! This seems to have worked out just fine indeed.

Nine contestants competed for the first prize of $25,000.00. Now compared to the prize monies disbursed for competitions that took place during the carnival festival, the prize monies given for this competition can only be looked upon as 'Cacada' (a little bit of money). As the show progressed it became a formality who would win the competition. Last year's winner Myron Bruce aka Myron B, was the clear favorite from the moment he sang his first song. No one else performed well enough to challenge Myron B. He was the Alpha and the Omega of the talent pool last night and the man who eventually emerged the overall winner. There was no doubt about that and the second place was a distant second place (if that was possible).

I almost forgot to note that this is Myron B's hat-trick having won the competition in 2012, 2013 and repeating again this year 2014. Congratulations on the hat-trick Myron!

There were two rounds of competition where the singers sang an original composition followed by the second round where the song was optional. The singers had the opportunity to sing an original composition or one from years gone by done by another singer. The winner Myron Bruce sang songs he composed but his second song was done years ago and was a spin off from Shurwayne Winchester's very popular song entitled "Don't Stop" (Groovy Soca Monarch 2006). Myron's song was entitled, "Take Carla Back", a very popular song (from 2008) that was well received by the packed Grand Stand at the Queen's Park Savannah. 

Here are the results announced just after 12:00 midnight by Damion Melville and Tommy Joseph:
Name of Artiste/Singer
  1. Myron Bruce
  2. Elizabeth George
  3. Julian Hunte
  4. Shawn McIntyre
  5. Kenson Neptune
  6. Caston Cupid
  7. Anton Roberts
  8. Dick Lochan
  9. Fritz Taylor
Stage Name/Sobriquet
  1. The Incredible Myron B
  2. Lady Aeisha
  3. Kid Kalalloo
  4. Dr. Rhythm
  5. Ninja
  6. Caston Cupid
  7. Anton Roberts
  8. Juiceman
  9. Fritzy
Prize Money/Cacada
  1. $25,000.00
  2. $15,000.00
  3. $10,000.00
  4. $7,000.00
  5. $4,000.00
  6. $4,000.00
  7. $4,000.00
  8. $4,000.00
  9. $4,000.00
One More Sip - Myron B (Previously Recorded/Carnival 2014)

Take Carla Back - Myron B (Show Performance 04/05/2014)

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