Chucky is the new Calypso Monarch of T'dad & Tobago 2014

Congratulations to Mr. Roderick Gordon on his well deserved victory tonight of Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago. He was excellent and deserved the adulations received tonight when he was declared winner.

Everyone who watched the show and interacted in the Wack Radio shout/chat-box had good things to say about this Dimanche Gras production put on by TUCO.  The singers came on and performed with props to support their presentations. It was an excellent show but some of the popular songs did not have the expected impact on the 'big stage'. In the first round Brian London, Chucky and Kurt Allen stood out with excellent presentations and song rendition. Then came the curse of the second round.

However, before I mention the second round I have to say that the entertainment provided during the intermission was very entertaining. The theme of the intermission was entitled "Water and Fire. This segment had many popular songs (spanning the first 100 years of Calypso) played by two DJ's going head to head. 

It is always said the the race is not for the swiftest but for those who can endure and for this competition it was a case of what can you bring for your second song/performance? So who was good enough or brought their A game to the second round. Well I have to say that Brian London, Chucky, Chalkdust and Kurt Allen behaved like they wanted to win. The biggest disappointment came from Cro Cro. Just when I was beginning to enjoy his song.... it was done! Kurt Allen had the final say for the evening and he definitely delivered... "The Lost Psalm of King David". 

At the end of the show there was another entertainment segment as we awaited the results. This show was well planned. The calypso competition ended before 12:00 midnight. 

But wait... Sparrow, yes the great one came on and delivered some of the songs that we so enjoy so much. Sparrow's voice is still golden and sound better than all who sing today and call themselves Calypsonians... I am dead serious about that statement!

Then came the results:
  1. Roderick Gordon aka "Chucky" (Trinidad & Tobago's New Calypso Monarch for 2014)
  2. Kurt Allen aka "The Last Badjohn of Calypso"
  3. Sheldon Noel aka Mr. Shak
  4. Hollis Liverpool aka "Chalkdust"
  5. Brian London
  6. Victoria Cooper aka "Queen Victoria"
  7. Alana Sinette Khan
  8. Weston Rawlings aka "Cro Cro"
  9. Carlos James aka "Skatie"
  10. Myron Bruce aka Myron B
  11. Eric Taylor aka "Pink Panther"
  12. Roger Mohammed aka "Bodyguard"
Congratulations must be extended to TUCO on an excellent Dimanche Gras show for Carnival 2014. If you were disappointed with the Chutney Monarch and Soca Monarch shows then this production saved face for everything that went bad for the other organizations that presented shows for Carnival 2014.

The Dimanche Gras has always been the focal point of Trinidad and Tobago's carnival for years but because of poor productions of the past and a split within the different groups the show has been a big disappointment in the past years... but not this year!

TUCO has given Lazarus life and with excellent calypsos and performances the show simply was a Plus and a joy to watch. The live video stream was in High Definition thanks to Carnival TV. Even the entertainment during the break for the second round was very excellent. Kudos to TUCO... we want more!

It is a shame that the Ministry of Culture gives so much to the organizations that don't really give back but to Calypso the gave so little. The Chutney Monarch first prize was $2M and likewise the Groovy Soca Monarch and Power Soca Monarch each received $2M first prize. TUCO and the Calypso Fraternity gave so much and received little compared to these organizations. What a shame!

Thank you TUCO! I want more and look forward to a better presentation next year. TUCO has shown that this show can, once again, live up to the hype and become the jewel of Carnival once again! 


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Anonymous said…
Ok UNC propogandist!!!!!! Chant yuh crap as you have been paid to do!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm in total agreement with the writer- great show!!! Congratulations to TUCO and the calypso fraternity. A true testimony to the phrase "Calypso Lives!"
Santiwah said…
"Ok UNC propogandist!!!!!! Chant yuh crap as you have been paid to do!!!!!!"

You should have been man/woman enough to post your name with the quote above. Anon is a cop-out and clearly shows how much of a coward you are.... have a wonderful life!
Vushung said…
Allyuh really ent listen to Chucky Kaiso nah. It went over anonymous 1 head.