Soca Monarch Crap | Ann-G vs Swappi 4D | 2014

I posted the Soca Monarch Finalists for the Groovy and Power categories. I also stated that I am upset that Swappi is out and Ann-G is in! Some have stated that Swappi's song is 'crap'. However, I guess they did not listen to Ann-G's song. If a Trinidadian or some other Caribbean artist sang that song is the same manner they would be pelted with wet toilet paper!

Am I being harsh? Listen up, how many times have you heard Ann-G's song played on a radio station in Trinidad and Tobago? I haven't heard that song played on radio yet! If it was good and a big song it would be on rotation on radio stations in Trinidad and Tobago and some of the Caribbean islands. However, that is not the case!

Let's get down to it now... here are the two songs - you be the judge! Listen  to the songs and tell me if you think that Ann-G's song can tear up any fete as Swappi's song will surely do! Even if  Swappi had a 'so called' poor performance he should have place ahead of Ann-G. This must have been a business decision to lure the Japanese market to Fantastic Friday. However you look at it, however you break it down, it comes down to this - The Soca Monarch Competition is RIGGED!

Let me also add this one because I really love the song. How come this was not good enough to qualify for the Groovy Soca Monarch Semi-Final round?


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Anonymous said…
Her song seems really derivative and phoned in. I'm glad to see international competition, but her inclusion in the finals seems like an attempt to bring in some more bucks from Japanese fans.
Vushung said…
Her song is exactly like all the other soca out there, it hits all the same points.
Carnival, bacchanal, Jump, wave, rags in the air, take a wine. The only thing they ent say is drink something.

If Machel had sung this 1/2 of trinidad would be hailing this as a next hit. Her voice isn't suited for soca though.

That's what modern soca sounds like to outsiders. And it's not a bad song. (relatively speaking)
Santiwah said…
I am happy you pointed that out... "Her voice isn't suited for soca though"! Let's be honest now that sounded terrible and did not deserve a place in the finals!