Ridiculous Benjai @ Soca Monarch Semi Final Round | 2014

Benjai Performs in Underwear. The photo was taken from YouTube © Soca Monarch 2014

What was Benjai thinking? What was the concept, what was the idea/plan that prompted Benjai to perform in his underwear at the Soca Monarch Semi-Finals at the Arima Velodrome last Sunday? "Plain talk, bad manners... that was ridiculous"!

"Leave Meh let meh do it Nah" and he did it all! Benjai rocked the stage showing off his rock-solid body dressed in socks and boxers. However, it was that which could not be seen but surely showed that it was there (like a puppet show/handled by the puppeteer) that had the ladies swooning to the television and computer screens! The song is entitled "Come Out To Play", but seriously now, he should have come out to play wearing a damn jock strap - Ent?!?!

Benjai has a good song and all he needed to do was come on stage dressed properly and deliver a professional performance to qualify for a place in the finals on Fantastic Friday. Instead, he chose to come on stage in his underwear where he managed to pull his cord and shake his bells for everyone to see! Hell no Benjai... "Whatdearse was Dat"!

Take a look at the YouTube video of his performance and tell me how this performance was professional or how he intended to qualify after that showing (and he showed and shook a lot - figuratively and literally).
Maybe it was a protest and he just came out to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, and that he did with much gusto! I just don't understand this and feel like he did an injustice to the show and his 'star quality rating. If you listen to the song you would realize that he is still upset about the Soca Monarch 'giving Machel a blye and prize money' - Benjai is really upset!

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Anonymous said…
please Trinigzagada . This is no different that all those female performers and mas players who dressed is less than what Benjai wore . This is Trini carnival. Some eye food for the female Lol .
Santiwah said…
Seriously now... the lack of clothing might get a pass however, it was mostly about everything jumping around in his underwear!
Anonymous said…
Aye who is benjai woman bai? Ah sweAr he look rell good oh me oh my and he have rell goods 😁
Anonymous said…
Aye who is benjai woman bai? Ah sweAr he look rell good oh me oh my and he have rell goods ��
Anonymous said…
This was a great show from Benjai he shows the talent in making a soca Monarch fun in the sun to all eyes,great show well done.
Anonymous said…
To hell what ppl say how can woman wear thongs and skin back and that does be sexy and he just swing what his father give him I love it
Anonymous said…
so u know who ever wrote this judgey post is a man or a old shrivel up woman, Benjai darlin yuh lookin excellent baby excellent, #seemore#yuhsingle#giveoutyuhnumbermuch#comeoverlol. Bejnai God blessed you!