KI is the Lotto Plus Chutney Soca Monarch for Carnival 2014

Last night Kris V. Pesad aka KI was crowned the Lotto Plus Chutney Soca Monarch for Carnival 2014. He took home the first prize of $2 Million dollars and became the first winner of Carnvial 2014 in Trinidad and Tobago. Congratulations are extended to the winner, KI who sang his very popular song entitled "Runaway" to a very enthusiastic crowd at Skinner Park in San Fernando.
Last year's winner, Raymond "Show Stoppa" Ramnarine did not defend his title because he was not paid his full prize money and also because Bollywood melodies were not disbarred from the show. It was a bitter sweet night in that last year's winner did not get his due while this year's winner walked away with twice as much for his first prize victory. 

It was a night of audio difficulties when artists performed with microphones did not work for some singers on stage but just about everyone watching the show online suffered not just poor but horrible audio from the CNC3 video stream. People watched the feed from CNC3 but used the audio from Sangeet Radio and also from Bacchanal radio. This audio problems ruined what could have been a very entertaining night. 

Regardless of the issues that hampered the show/online stream thousands flocked the show site at Skinner Park in San Fernando and watched the online stream. The show went on with some good performances and some that left many scratching their heads. The fact that many artists stopped their songs to talk to the audience is just boring and counter productive. Crazy even said that 'everybody doing it so who is he". Then you had a performance like Rikki Jai's that simply went on way to long or just felt like it did!

So who were the entertaining artists last night. well Hunter was entertaining and I also liked Heaven Charles aka 'Snakey', Rick Ramoutar with Denise Belfon and KI. This is the way I had it (my picks) : KI, Rick Ramoutar & Denise Belfon, Snakey and Hunter. 

So how did it play out? Well here are the official results as announced early this morning:
Winner/First Place/Chutney Soca Monarch 2014
Kris B. Persad aka KI

Second Place/First Runner Up
Rikki Jai 
Second  Place (tie)
Ravi B
Fourth Place
Kenneth Supersad 
Fifth Place 
Nishard Mayrhoo


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Anonymous said…
Gorge Singh family will always place in the top 3
Anonymous said…
Omg that is awesome! Congratulations to KI and all the best!
Anonymous said…
Rikki jai should not get any prize. ...the judging via tex is not fair....get some fair judges...wats it with all the talking an less singing....silly