Soca Monarch Finalists 2014 | Swappi is Out/Ann-G is In

What is going on here? Swappi is out of the Power Soca Monarch competition and Ann-G is in? Hell No! This is hard to swallow! I am scratching my head trying to understand this one.

Oh I see now it is good to have the Japanese artist in to get the pay per view hits/dollar revenue soaring for Fantastic Friday! This makes me and many others think that the show is rigged! I am mad as hell! Swappi's "Run To The Front" is a monster of a song... Choops!

Here are the Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists who will compete against Machel Montano to be crown Groovy Soca Monarch 2014:
Name of Singer
  • Carlton Cordle 
  • Cassiano Sylvester
  • Cecil Wilt Cambridge
  • Darryl Henry
  • Denise Belfon
  • Destra Garcia
  • Erphaan Alves
  • Gamal Doyle
  • Junior Noel
  • Kerwin DuBois 
  • Ravi Bissambhar
Stage Name/Sobriquet
  • Biggie Irie 
  • Cassie
  • Tallpree
  • Farmer Nappy
  • Saucy Wow
  • Destra
  • Erphaan Alves
  • Skinny Fabulous
  • Mr. Famous
  • Kerwin 
  • Ravi B
The following are the Power Soca Monarch Finalists who will compete against co-defending Monarchs Machel Montano and Austin "Super Blue" Lyons:
Name of Singer
  • Angela Giustini
  • Destra Garcia
  • Devon Matthews
  • Devon Martin 
  • Heaven Charles
  • Iwer George
  • Hollice Mapp
  • Nadia Batson
  • Patrice Roberts 
Stage Name/Sobriquet
  • Ann-G
  • Desta
  • Devon Matthews
  • Lyrikal
  • Snakey
  • Iwer
  • Mr. Killa 
  • Nadia
  • Patrice


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Thanks for the post! I missed the announcement on CNC3!

All the best and have a safe Carnival!
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What channel it on .on tv