De Red Boyz for Groovy Soca Title 2014 | Biggie Irie or Farmer Nappy

Don't be surprised if a Red Boyz produced song wins the International Soca Monarch Groovy Category on Fantastic Friday! Everyone is picking a winner but I will pick two songs that have the potential to win it all and both songs were produced by De Red Boyz. The artists I chose are Biggie Irie and Farmer Nappy and both can sing (Farmer Nappy has to be careful not to shout when he performs; I am not worried about Biggie Irie)!

The first song comes from Biggie Irie out of Barbados and he will sing a sweet track entitled "Need Ah Riddim". The following comments were made when  I posted the song last year:
Take a listen to this talented artist out of Bim-Town who has given us some really sweet music over the years. Now don't let this fool you into thinking that Biggie is one of the old guys and because of that he is no longer relevant. Far from that because if you listen to this one you will realize that it has the potential to cross the ocean divide and become a regional hit! Now hat is what experience can bring to the table and with the sweet vibe provided by "De Red Boyz" the potential of his this song will propel it and give it life after Crop Over has gone to bed until next year (and that is exactly what happened for Trinidad and Tobago's carnival).

Do you think I like this song? Do you think that I believe that it has potential to become a big song for Crop Over and beyond that? The answer is a resounding... "Hell Yes"! This song sweet like those purple colored soft jointed sugar cane from the islands! In other words this song has some serious 'vibez'!

The next song produced by De Red Boyz that will contend for the monarch title comes from Farmer Nappy and is entitled "Big People Party". The following comments were made when I originally posted the song:
Big Chune from Farmer Nappy! "Big People Party" it the party that everyone loves to attend. When it is done right it just feels right. Here comes Farmer Nappy with his latest offering for Carnival 2014 and it is a wicked one - a real dance/party vibe track to play 'yuhself'. This is a good one people - boss track!

Farmer Nappy is continuing to bring music produced by De Red Boyz out of Barbados. This one was written by Ghost Writers Music and produced by De Red Boy with Andrew Denny mixing the music and Will Quinnell mastering the track. This is sweet Soca music with a melodious vibe infused by De Red Boyz; the live instruments in this production makes the music come alive!

Here are the songs for your listening pleasure. Do you think that a Red Boyz produced song can win the Groovy Soca Monarch title?

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