Chutney Soca Monarch Semi-Finals 2014 | Live Video

It is the night of the Chutney Soca Monarch Semi finals round and we have the video feed available from this site live tonight. If you cannot view the video feed from this site then please go to the following link to see the show streamed live tonight via CNC3 Television: LIVE VIDEO FEED!

I tested the video with Google Chrome and it works fine but that may not be the case with the Opera Browser. Enjoy the show and please note the inclusion of the various Soca artists performing in tonight's show.

The show is taking place at the Rienzi Complex in Couva, Trinidad. The show has a mix of artists from the regular Soca cast and regular Chutney Soca artists performing for a place in the finals.

A noteworthy performance!
I am calling this one now... Snakey in the Finals... that was the best performance up to this point of the competition... Snakey (Heaven Charles) in the Finals (15 finalists to be selected from the 43 contestants tonight)! His performance was entertaining, the music excellent and he was wicked with his vocal performance! I will also add Chucky Gordon, KI and Rikki Jai to my list ... I will leave the rest to the text votes and judges.

There was a changing of the guards for the Chutney Soca Monarch tonight. This competition will never be the same again - tonight was the defining night and definitely the defining year because of the participation of so many traditional Soca artists! There were so many Soca artists performing individually and featured with other regular Chutney artists and this gave the show a totally different look and feel tonight. There was Blaxx, Shurwayne Winchester, Chucky, Crazy, Olatunji, Daddy Chinee, Prophet Benjamin and many singers featuring Soca artists like Mr. Killa, Denise Belfon and Swappi 4D and even Nigel Rojas singing with Rikki Jai!

This show will not be the same as the Soca element takes a prominent place in the Chutney Soca arena. I have a feeling that you will get less Chutney lyrics as more and more English vocals marry the Chutney/Soca musical elements. The singer with the most popular song in Trinidad today, Mr. Killa, was one of the featured singers as Saleem Beharry managed to showcase the Grenadian singer in his performance of "Breaking All The Rules". These artists have to be careful not to detract from their song and performance when they choose to capitalize on the popularity of another artist to enhance their chances to qualify for a place in the finals.

I have no doubt that many of the 'old school' Chutney Soca  artists will not be pleased that the traditional and better known Soca artists are now taking notice and participating in this competition in greater numbers. Tis may popularize the competition but will not be a welcomed addition for many who love this subgenre of Soca music. The results for the semi-finals will be announced on Tuesday February 4, 2014. Fifteen finalists will be announced for the finals scheduled to take place at Skinners Park on Saturday February 15, 2014. Please note that when the final 15 contestants are announced the prize structure will also be revealed. Keep in mind that this organization still owes last year's winner, Raymond Ramnarine, about $200,000.00 of the TT$1M first prize. I doubt that he will see/receive the rest of that money!

What is your opinion? Do you think that this change or involvement of the better known Soca artists coming into the competition will benefit the competition or water down the 'Chutney' element of the genre. Please drop a line using the comment feature of this post.

See the listing for the finalists at the following link: Chutney Soca Monarch Finalists 2014


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Pay up Raymond Ramnarine before you pay out for 2014 chutney monarch