Chutney Soca Monarch Finals | Order of Appearance 2014

The Chutney Soca Monarch competition takes place tonight without the defending monarch. Raymond "Show Stopa" Ramnarine will not defend his title not simply because he was not paid his prize money in full but also because the show organizers have allowed Bollywood melodies in the competition.
This is what he (Raymond Ramnarine) had to say about the inclusion about borrowed Bollywood melodies: 
“This is something that has plagued the industry and concerned artistes. Chutney lovers have expressed their dissatisfaction about it. Where is the creativity? How would you be able to judge an artiste with a total original song, compared to one with a Bollywood melody? “Taking any melody and being creative is okay but it should not be allowed in a competition. It should be about originality."
The quoted information was sourced from the Trinidad Express News paper (credit

Chutney Soca Monarch Press Release:
D Day is Here! Chutney Soca Monarch Grand Finals at Skinner Park, San Fernando. Best wishes to all 20 contestants. The show starts at 8.30pm, you can view it on CNC3 or online at

The event will be judged by 50% text and online voting and 50% by a judging panel. Text and online voting opens at 7pm tonight and closes at 3am. You can vote 3 times on your phone and once online at

Please be safe tonight, and remember to designate a driver! Peace and love from my side as always! Have a great day everyone! 

The following list provides the Order of Appearance for tonight's show:
Name of Singer
  1. Ravi Bissambhar 
  2. Reshma Ramlal 
  3. Olatunji Yearwood
  4. Rikki Jaimungal
  5. Lalchan Babwah
  6. Anand Yankaran 
  7. Heaven Charles
  8. Dexter Stewart
  9. Veekash Sahadeo
  10. Rick Ramoutar
  11. Omardath Maharaj
  12. Nishard Mayrhoo
  13. Sally Sagram
  14. Edwin  Ayoung
  15. Adesh Samaroo
  16. Nadia Madoo
  17. Hemlatha Dindial
  18. Kenneth Supersad
  19. Kris V. Persad
  20. Kavita Maharajh

Artists Stage Name 
  1. Ravi B
  2. Reshma Ramlal
  3. Olatunji "Tunji" Montana
  4. Rikki Jai  f. Nigel Rojas
  5. Hunter f. Narine (puppet)
  6. Anand Yankaran
  7. Snakey
  8. Blaxx
  9. Veekash Sahadeo f. Lyrikal
  10. Rick Ramoutar fDenise Belfon
  11. Omardath Maharaj
  12. Nishard Mayrhoo
  13. Sally Sagram
  14. Crazy
  15. Adesh Samaroo
  16. Nadia Madoo
  17. Hemlatha Dindial
  18. Kenneth Supesad
  19. KI
  20. Kavita Maharajh
  1. Bread
  2. Batawo Lakarie
  3. Fete Ram
  4. Clap Your Hands
  5. Patsy
  6. Pakpaklal
  7. The Dhoti Song
  8. Awaken The Spirit
  9. Ex With Ah Next
  10. Deen Ta Na
  11. Pitchoil Revolution
  12. Mammy Say
  13. Handy Man
  14. 2 Out of 3
  15. Baraat Leaving
  16. Mousie Julaway
  17. Boat Ride/Ho Gaye
  18. Bull
  19. Professor Feter
  20. Bowjiya
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