Chutney Soca Monarch Finalists | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

The 2014 Lotto Plus Chutney Soca Monarch finals will feature twenty singers instead of the expected fifteen contestants. This was made public today when the finalists were announced today by Southex promotions CEO Mr. George Singh. The press conference was held in San Fernando earlier today (02/04/2014).

Last year's winner, Raymond Ramnarine, will have his 'hands full' when the class of 2014 compete for his coveted title. He is the featured singer on a few songs released this year and has a song entitled "Mosquito" that has received over 23,000 YouTube views to date. The Chutney Soca Monarch Title will be the first competition that will crown a winner for Carnival 2014.

Mark the date and stay tuned to this blog for coverage of the finals. The Lotto Plus Chutney Soca Monarch finals is scheduled to take place at Skinner Park, San Fernando on Saturday February 15, 2014. Don't miss it! 

Following are the artists who made the final cut:
Name of Singer
  • Veekash Sahadeo
  • Ravi Bissambhar 
  • Rikki Jaimungal*
  • Sally Sagram
  • Rick Ramoutar*
  • Omadath Maharaj
  • Lalchan Babwah
  • Kris V. Persad
  • Nishard Mehru 
  • Dexter Stewart
  • Anand Yankeran 
  • Kenneth Supersad
  • Reshma Ramlal 
  • Hemlatha Dindial
  • Heaven Charles*
  • Nadia Madoo
  • Edwin  Ayoung
  • Olatunji Yearwood
  • Kavita Maharaj
Artists Stage Name 
  • Veekash Sahadeo f. Lyrikal
  • Ravi B
  • Rikki Jai  fNigel Rojas
  • Sally Sagram
  • Rick Ramoutar f. Denise Belfon
  • Omadath Maharaj
  • Hunter f. Narine (puppet)
  • KI
  • Nishard Mehru
  • Blaxx
  • Anand Yankeran
  • Kenneth Supesad
  • Reshma Ramlal
  • Hemlatha Dindial
  • Snakey
  • Nadia Madoo
  • Crazy
  • Olatunji "Tunji" Montana
  • Kavia Maharaj
  • Ex With Ah Next
  • Bread
  • Clap Your Hands
  • Handy Man
  • Deen Ta Na
  • Pitchoil Revolution
  • Patsy
  • Professor Feter
  • Mammy Say
  • Awaken The Spirit
  • Pakpaklal
  • Bull
  • Batawo Lakarie
  • Boat Ride/Ho Gaye
  • The Dhoti Song
  • Mousie Julaway
  • 2 Out of 3
  • Fete Ram
  • Bowjiya
Now that you have the artists set for the big stage we have to speculate on a winner... Everyone thinks they have the answer and will surely 'have a favorite'. I enjoyed Heaven "Snakey" Charles performance of "The Dhoti Song" for the semi-finals show. 

I will pick three contestants for the finals. This is a hit or miss (based on the stage presentations and performances) but I will go with change. I sense a change of direction for this show and as I mentioned in a previous post, the participation of the traditional Soca artists will impact the road this show travels from this year onwards. It is all about Chutney Soca and not just Chutney music. Having said that, here are my three picks in alphabetical order:
  • Heaven "Snakey" Charles - The Dhoti Song
  • Rick Ramoutar feat. Denise 'Saucy' Belfon - Deen Ta Na
  • Rikki Jai feat. Nigel Rojas - Clap Your Hands

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