Calypso Monarch Finalists | Trinidad Dimanche Gras 2014

It was not an easy show to judge with so many excellent performances. The show was so good that the toilet paper brigade had to return home with their 'tools of the trade' and put it to the use it was originally intended. No singer was booed - it was an excellent show.

Singer after singer, song after song... they were all excellent! Just about everyone at home, who attempted to pick the final eleven to compete in the finals against last year's defending monarch Mr. Eric Taylor, ended up with a listing of at least 25. Singing Sandra did not make it; another excellent performance, this time by Allan Welch (song: Soil Technician),  did not make it along with many other excellent calypsos/performances.

So who is going to the finals to attempt to dethrone last year's monarch, Eric "Pink Panther" Taylor? Here is the listing of the finalists who would perform on Dimanche Gras night (Yes, the Calypso finals returns to Carnival Sunday/TUCO organized show):

Name of Singer
  • Alana Sinnette
  • Brian London
  • Carlos James
  • Hollis Liverpool
  • Kurt Allen
  • Myron Bruce
  • Roderick Gordon
  • Roger Mohammed
  • Sheldon Noel
  • Victoria Cooper
  • Weston Rawlings
Stage Name/Sobriquet
  • Alana Sinnette
  • Brian London
  • Skatie
  • Chalkdust 
  • Last Badjohn Kaiso
  • Incredible Myron B
  • Chucky
  • Body Guard
  • Mistah Shak
  • Queen Victoria
  • Cro Cro
Name of Song
Reserve Calypsonian/Singer:
Morell Peters aka Luta

Here are a few of the songs for the competition. I could not find three songs for posting: "The Guest List" by Chalkdust; "Pious, Poor but Proud" by Cro Cro; "Jack and Jill" by Skatie! If you know someone who can assist (to obtain the songs)... I will gladly post them!

Alana Sinnette - Sea Lots

 Brian London - Call Them Out

Carlos James (Skatie) - Jack & Jill

Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust) - The Guest List

Kurt Allen - Sweet Sizziling Summer

 Myron Bruce (The Incredible Myron B) - One More Sip

 Roderick Gordon (Chucky) - Wey Yuh Think

 Roger Mohammed (Bodyguard) - False Papers

 Sheldon Noel (Mistah Shak) - Bois

 Victoria Cooper (Queen Victoria) - A Political Affair

 Weston Rawlings (Cro cro) - Pious, Poor but Proud


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Anonymous said…
Yes cro cro ! Dat is kiaso
Anonymous said…
BOIS! BOIS! BOIS! i doh business who they are.
de cocoa panyol said…
Cro Cro - Pious, Poor but Proud
Anonymous said…
Moonilal!!!! ah doh see dat man at all!!!