Calypso Fiesta 2014 | Skinner Park Comes Alive Today!

Skinner Park comes alive today with the sounds of Calypso music. It is the time when Calypsonians sing their hearts out to make it to the finals. It is a time of bliss and shear jubilation and then there could be gross disappointment with toilet paper missiles going airborne and arcing onto the stage showering the artist with a messy blessing of toilet paper rebuke!

Carnival is bacchanal and on this day the bacchanal could be orchestrated by those with an Axe to grind or because of a dismal stage presence/performance. There is a 'toilet paper crew' strategically situated in the park just waiting to shower a contestant they despise or believe is deserving of this baptism of streaming bathroom tissue. This is one aspect of "D'Park" that really comes to life during the Calypso Fiesta when rolls of tissue designed for bathroom hygiene are meticulously used for streaming from the audience to the stage - Cossel and her crew know that only too well!

This is the show to watch because it has it all... sweet music, drama, intrigue, uplifting lyrics, political jabs, 'bacchanal and kankalang' and sometimes the bottom simply falls out on a performance leading to utter disappointment, boos and sometimes toilet paper! Don't miss any of it!

This is the official order of performance for the show; the names of the singers along with their stage names and/or sobriquet and songs that they should perform on this day are listed below:
Name of Singer
  1. Heaven Charles
  2. Hollis Liverpool
  3. Roger Mohammed
  4. Rondell Donawah
  5. Morel Peters
  6. Heather Mc Intosh
  7. Giselle Fraser Washington
  8. KIaren Eccles
  9. Neville Brown
  10. Amrika Mutroo
  11. Sheldon Noel
  12. Karen Asche
  13. Anthony Hendrickson
  14. Nicole Thomas
  15. Erphaan Alves
  16. Alana Sinnette
  17. Marlon Edwards
  18. Alan Fortune
  19. Devon Seales
  20. Anthony Emrold Phillip
  21. Roderick Gordon
  22. Sean Daniel
  23. Francine Edwards
  24. Sandra Millington
  25. Rosemary Mitchell
  26. Myron Bruce
  27. Tamico Moore
  28. Weston Rawlings
  29. Alex Gift 
  30. Carlos James
  31. Leslie Ann Ellis
  32. Georgia Mc Intyre
  33. Kerice Pascall
  34. Lornette Nedd Reid
  35. Brian London
  36. Stephen Marcelle
  37. Bevon St. Clair
  38. Kurt Allen
  39. Allan Welch
  40. Victoria Cooper
Stage Name/Sobriquet
  1. Snakey
  2. Chalkdust 
  3. Body Guard
  4. Rondell Donawah
  5. Luta
  6. Heather Mr. Intosh
  7. GG
  8. Karen Eccles
  9. Bunny B
  10. Amrika Mutroo
  11. Mistah Shak
  12. Karen Asche
  13. Allrounder
  14. Nicole Thomas
  15. Erphaan Alves
  16. Alana Sinette
  17. Marlon Edwards
  18. Brother Mudada
  19. Devon Seales
  20. Valentino
  21. Chucky
  22. The Psalmist
  23. Singing Francine
  24. Singing Sandra
  25. Young Rose
  26. Incredible Myron B
  27. Spicy
  28. Cro Cro 
  29. Tobago Chalkie
  30. Skatie
  31. Leslie Ann Ellis
  32. The Messenger
  33. Ki Ki
  34. Fya Empress
  35. Brian London
  36. Stephen Mas
  37. Bevon St. Clair
  38. Last Badjohn Kaiso
  39. Allan Welch
  40. Queen Victoria
Name of Song
  1. The Dhoti Song
  2. The Guest List
  3. False Papers
  4. Yes We Can
  5. No Guns No Weapons
  6. Nutten Eh Good
  7. Save the Land
  8. This one for pan women
  9. Milk
  10. Doh Judge Meh
  11. Bois or Kaiso Blues
  12. Malice in Wonderland
  13. We only passing through
  14. The Love We Owe
  15. Piano Unplugged
  16. Sea Lots
  17. Leave It Dey
  18. The Parliament Tent
  19. F.D.A.T.
  20. Constitutional Reform
  21. What Yuh Think
  22. Gospel or God's Music
  23. Honor Them
  24. Mankind/Mandiba?
  25. Message to the Badman
  26. One More Sip
  27. Man in Dat
  28. Pious, Poor but Proud
  29. De Same Pedigree
  30. Jack and Jill 
  31. Blessed & Beauty
  32. The Message
  33. Fix It and Hush
  34. Just
  35. Call Them Out
  36. Almost Doesn't Count
  37. Another Flambeau
  38. Sweet Sizzling Summer
  39. Soil Technician
  40. A Political Affair
The songs listed above were researched/provided by a friend of this blog; his on-line avatar/name is "Vushung" in the WACK Radio901 FM Chat Box. Today's updated listing with the order of appearance was provided by Gailos who is also a member of the Wack Radio 90.1 Chat Box. Thank you MR. "KK" for the song listing; thank you Gailos for the order of appearance listing.  Please note that If anything is wrong with the song listing (name of song) then it is 'bois' for Vush not Zagada!

Reserve Artists:
Lynette Steele (Lady Gypsy)
Michael Leggerton (The Protector)

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