S.S.S (Sweet Sizzling Summer) | Kurt Allen | Trinidad 2014

Pure Niceness! This is the music, the lyrics and the vibe of one Mr. Kurt Allen who is also known as "The Last Badjohn of Calypso". Of course this track entitled S.S.S. (Sweet Sizzling Summer) has the mark of Carl "Beaver" Henderson who co-arranged the song with Kurt but went on to produce, mix and master the final product. This is a wicked one and should contend for the Calypso Monarch title... this has it all... lyrics to make a politician cringe and musical sweetness to make you wine in style. In  other words this song is pure niceness!

Damn this song is not just nice but it is laced with truth and wicked slaying of politicians. Kurt is on a roll and he has a little of the old vibe mixed into the vibe of today and the sweet horns of Dr. Roy Cape just making this one a classic. He is a true calypsonian and is dropping lyrics like the bards of old. This is one that will be remembered for a long time... boss track!

This production has the midas touch and we are talking about the legendary Carl "Beaver" Henderson! Kurt and Carl should keep making music as a team.. I have a good feeling that this one will put Kurt right up there and make him hard to beat when the competition for the Calypso Monarch comes into play. Excellent song, boss lyrical content, superb vocal performance and genius musical arrangement and talent to spare! This is what Sweet Sizzling Summer is all about and then some!

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Production Notes:
Title: S.S.S (Sweet Sizzling Summer)
Composed by: Kurt Allen 
Performed by: Kurt Allen
Arranged by: Kurt Allen & Carl "beaver" Henderson
Produced Mixed & Mastered by: Carl "Beaver" Henderson
Featuring: Dr. Roy Cape
Recorded at: HOTT Music Group Studio

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Sweet Sizzling Summer (S.S.S) Lyrics Video from yourmyp on Vimeo.


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Vushung said…
Kurt Allen gone clear this year. Good tunes so far on both fronts. Soca and Kaiso.