Pan Calypso Kankalang | Dominated by When Steel Talks

I am really fed up of those Calypsonians only sending their Panorama songs to When Steel Talks. These songs should be available to the sites that push the local music. Calypso is fast becoming a footnote to Soca. Look at what is going on with Soca. The artists are well known and the music is so popular because sites like Julian's Promos and YouTube proliferate the 'hits' of the Soca songs. 

Many of the Calypsonians send the songs to When Steel Talks and they post a snippet of the track on YouTube forcing you to go to their main website to listen the song... why are they so damn selfish? 

TUCO (Trinbago Unified Calypsonias Organization), as well as Pan Trinbago, in Trinidad are also to blame for this travesty. Not even TUCO has the songs available for the listening public but a site in New York City dominates the music. So the true Calypso lover/panorama songs lover is stuck in the mud. These songs are not getting the needed airplay on radio with the deluge of Soca music available and constantly released daily. This is just frustrating. 

Today on islandmix, KES' new song "Men of Steel" was posted by When Steel Talks... should I say thank you? I can't even post a comment to the thread! I feel like frigging boycotting Kes for not making the song available to everyone (not serious, just venting). The other song that I have post a written for and no song to post with it is "Pan In Yuh Pwefen by Crazy. What are we supposed to do to change this scenario? I have complained to TUCO to no avail... I think I will simply throw in the towel on this one.

Now think about the following... People back home who don't have access to a computer will have to wait to get a snippet of this song on the radio. Fortunately Kes is big and that song will surely be featured. However, what about the other really good songs that are sung by the not so popular artists. What about those songs! How will the folks back home hear them... hopefully they may get a chance when a Pan orchestra selects one for their Panoram song.

Here is an example of what When Steel Talks does on YouTube.... you get a whopping 1:01 minutes to listen. If you want to listen to the entire song then you need to go to their website!

I don't know how you feel about this but in my world this is just frustrating!

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