No Conduct | KI & 3Veni | Trinidad & Tobago 2013

Trinidad and Tobago is a mixture of cultures that makes us unique in the Caribbean region. The cultural elements come together to make one beautiful musical sound/a musical vibe that adds vibrancy to the music of the region. However, when it comes to the music one cannot measure Chutney Soca and Chutney Soca fusion artists with the general Soca artists.

The Chutney Soca artists have a following that is very faithful to a fault. They will celebrate and support their artist regardless. However, there are very few Chutney Soca artists and those who cross over who find favor with the general populace like "KI". 

KI is a 'betweener'... he is on the borderline of traditional Soca and Chutney Soca. However, when you listen to his music you will hear Chutney style music vibes in the music but his singing style can be on either side of the industry. This versatility places him in a very unique situation in that he has fans on both sides of the musical pot unlike many Chutney Soca artists whose fans are mostly Trinidadian East Indian based. This song entitled "No Conduct" could find favor in the traditional Soca circuit. KI is young and is part of the mainstream music movement in Trinidad and Tobago. Oh... yes, he has a lot of young fans of East Indian decent!

This young man, because of his actions and style, has boldly stated that he is an artist who can sing Chutney Soca and Soca. He has not pigeon holed himself in the Chutney Soca style and that bodes well for his future musical endeavors. No Conduct should do well and get played in fetes across Trinidad and Tobago. If your area DJ then you have to cater to everyone in the fete scene. KI is making music that ensures he is heard and will continue to be successful in the future. Take a listen to the song and get a feel for the vibe that Rishi Mahato and KI & 3Veni provide with this track.

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Production Notes:
Title: No Conduct
Written & Performed by: Kris "KI" Persad
Produced by: Rishi Mahato & KI (Maha Productions)
Mastered by: Rishi Mahato

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