Dangerous World | Lady Gypsy | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Someone mentioned to me that this song is an "instant classic"; I can't deny that fact and it is a fact... brilliant song! Indeed, it is a thought provoking song and one that was delivered with passion and earnest conviction. The name of the singer is Lynette Steele but you may know her simply as Lady Gypsy. This is one for the ages - a guaranteed footnote for this period of our history brilliantly conceived and delivered with passion and conviction.

Lady Gypsy penned this song and entitled it "Dangerous World" and indeed in today's society the fact is that her words are not just reality but they resonate and dig deep into our souls whenever we wake up and hear another son is lost because of  a murderous deed. This is our World that we live in today and the lady was astute to bring this reality with such clarity and gut wrenching lyrical content.

It would be a damn shame if this song does not receive the notoriety that is surely and sorely deserves. Our county is in the midst of a crime spree and the words of this song ring true for many families waking up to a saddening reality that they have lost a child or some family member.

The song was arranged and produced by Lenny Hadaway and recorded at Joyway Productions in Trinidad. Not only is the lyrical content excellent but the musical arrangement also puts this one over the top. Kudos to all involved in the production of what will be considered the gold standard for social commentary for carnival 2014. Well done, well done... excellent song!

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Production Notes:
Title: Dangerous World
Written & Performed by: Lynette "Lady Gypsy" Steele
Arranged & Produced by: Lenny Hadaway
Recorded at: Joyway Productions (Trinidad)

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Here is Lady Gypsy in the studio singing for your listening pleasure. Take in this wonderful song from a lady with strong convictions!

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