Soca Monarch Finalists 2013 | Finals Order Of Appearance

The 'Official Order Of Appearance' for one of the hottest shows for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2013 was announced yesterday and is presented with this blog posting for your perusal and discussion. One big singing extravaganza will showcase both the Groovy and Power categories of 'The International Soca Monarch' competition. The Friday before Carnival is called Fantastic Friday because of this show. This year is special for obvious reasons and when the dust settles there just may be a few surprises that will cause some to celebrate jubilantly while others may express utter contempt for the results.  I expect to see one person win both categories (wink)!

Both categories have something special to offer this year however, everyone's attention will be focused on the Power Soca category because of the return of Austin 'Super Blue' Lyons. He is beloved and almost everyone wants him to win. However, there a very confident Machel Montano armed and ready for the competition. It should turn out to be a very interesting slug-fest with both artists performing at the end of the show separated by Marvin "Swappi" Davis. Swappi, unfortunate as it stand today, will have to perform between the two favorite singers for this category. The Power Soca category has all the hype because of Super Blue's return and the expected battle between the teacher 'Super Blue' and the student 'Machel Montano' but this category does not have much to offer outside these two singers as does the Groovy Soca category - that is where the real competition will take place!

I believe Machel Montano will out perform Super Blue but the public support will be on the side of Super Blue. The big question is if those supporters (of Super Blue) will text in their votes in support of their artiste. Machel fans are young and will support him regardless of the hit his name took because of the recent court case he lost. I also feel that the release of the song/video "Possessed" has done some damage control for Machel's character in the hearts and minds of those who were 'iffy' about him. My verdict? Machel Montano by a close margin. The vast majority have Super Blue by a landslide - we will not have to wait long again for the decision. Final words on the Power Soca category, keep an eye on Devon Matthews with 'Start It Up'!

The Groovy segment is going to be tough because just about every artiste in this category has very a very good song. It will come down to the actual performance because there is no wiggle room in this category and each artist will have to deliver a near perfect performance to pull it off. Now here comes the bad news - text votes! A well known artiste, a very popular artiste with a huge fan base will have a distinct advantage. If your song is good (to score well with the actual judging percentage) then a huge fan base voting for you can give you the edge at the finish line - Advantage, Machel Montano HD. Yes, I am picking Machel Montano HD to win this category also. However, if Dexter 'Blaxx' Stewart should win with 'No Getaway' I will not complain because that song is wicked!

Now after reading the above please note I gave reasons why I think Machel 'should win' however, we all know that anything can happen. If you choose to be critical of my conclusions do so with facts and not emotion, OK.  I have posted the Official Order Of Appearance with the songs for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the show!

Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists 2013
  1.  Drupatee Persad - Indian Gyal
  2.  Nadia Batson - Manager
  3.  Denise Belfon - Wining Queen
  4.  Ravi ‘Ravi B’ Bissambhar - Prescription
  5.  Rodney ‘Benjai’ Le Blanc - Feter
  6.  Darryl ‘Farmer Nappy’ Henry - Stranger
  7.  Destra Garcia - Call My Name
  8.  Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine
  9.  Montano is the Defending Monarch - Fog 
  10.  Neil ‘Iwer D Boss’ George - Bubble
  11.  Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart - No Getaway

Power Soca Monarch Finalists 2013
  1.  Shivonne ‘Lil Bitts’ Churche - Raise D Dust
  2.  Lornette‘Fya Empress’ Nedd-Reid - Rum Please 
  3.  Wilt ‘Tallpree’ Cambridge -  Jab Signature {Grenada}
  4.  Devon Matthews - Start It Up
  5.  Shurwayne Winchester - We Control D Road
  6. ♫ Rodney ‘Benjai’ Le Blanc - Engoma
  7.  Destra Garcia - Carry On
  8.  Jason 'JW' Williams & Ancil 'Blaze' Isaac Jr. - Timing It
  9.  Machel Montano is the Defending Monarch Float
  10.  Marvin ‘Swappi’ Davis – Cha-os
  11.  Austin ‘Super Blue’ Lyons - Fantastic Friday


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