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This is not my Post-Mortem of Fantastic Friday but an opportunity to express my views because of the video of Rachel Price speaking out on the event. I watched this video and was amazed that  Rachel Price has expressed so much of what I have said and had people 'hating on me' for making similar statements. I have posted the video for everyone to view and take note of her statements. I agree with her sentiments! Her views are my views but may not be your views. However, when you watch the video please note that she used the "F" word as a descriptive tool and it should be looked upon as such. 

I said that Super cannot perform his song on stage and that he could not bounce around and sing for the alloted time on stage. I said that 3Canal will have to sing their 'arses' off to give Super a chance to win. If you are truthful and you watched the performance you will have to admit that it was 3 Canals show! Fantastic Friday, the song, is a wonderful recorded music selection and will remain be recorded as one of the biggest songs ever for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival. The live performances will not be remembered except for the way the crowd went crazy on Fantastic Friday!

I said from the beginning of the competition that I expected Machel Montano to win both competitions. However, I did not like the fact that Machel did so much shouting during his performances. I was very disappointed and did not think that he won any of the competitions. 

Super Blue won the peoples choice, he had the biggest impact on the show and the entire carnival celebrations (that is a fact) but he too did not win the competition!

I went on record  after the competition (Wack Radio Chat box) and stated that Destra won the Groovy Soca Monarch competition. However, I will not quarrel because I supported Machel to win and he was chosen as winner (he performed well barring the shouting). 'Truth be told', Destra won that competition.

The Power Soca Monarch Competition was declared a tie with the two most popular artists reigning supreme - Machel Montano & Austin "Super Blue" Lyons. However,  after the show finished/and getting over my confusion and dismay with the performances,  I had Benjai and Destra as my first and second place winners even thought both Machel and Super Blue had the crowd going crazy. 

I am not a Super Blue hater nor a Machel groupie. In the end, as Rachel said, Earl Munroe is the biggest winner of the Soca Monarch. He has the two most popular singers coming back to compete. Munroe wins big!

Pay attention to the last three minutes of the interview and her views about the people 'handling' Super Blue. This is going to be a very interesting situation indeed. The bouncing start and the man is back but let's hope that he is not used by the people whom are supposed to have his best interests at heart. Finally for all the Machel haters... he is still the biggest draw in Soca today and will continue to be until someone upstages him. Bunji Garlin is the wild card - we will watch this one unfold!

Love you Rachel... from Trinizagada the blog!

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