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We have read a lot about singers making it big in Trinidad and Tobago but who were born elsewhere in the Caribbean region. The great Mighty Sparrow, a born Grenadian but nurtured in Trinidad, became known as the Worlds greatest Calypsonian. However, how often have you read about a Trinidadian moving to another island of Caribbean and making it big there?

It has happened in Jamaica but that was a long time ago when Lord Laro became famous; but, how about a Trinidadian becoming famous in Montserrat? I recently read an article about one Trinidadian who calls Montserrat her home... she is a patriot - of Montserrat! The story appeared on the 'Caribbean News Now' website. I found it interesting enough to add to the knowledge base here on Trinizagada. 

'Belonger': Calypso under the volcano
Story by:  Graham Ryan and Samantha Lauren via Caribbean News Now.

BRADES, Montserrat -- Trini by birth, Montserratian by marriage, Pat ‘Belonger’ Ryan has been the Emerald Isle’s Queen of Calypso since the 1980s. Belonger made a name for herself in 1988 by placing 3rd in the normally male dominated Calypso “King” competition. The popularity of her patriotic hit, ‘Still home still nice’, secured her place in Montserrat’s musical hall of fame.

The music, costumes and stages associated with Caribbean Festivals are traditionally ephemeral arts. The Calypsos that are composed for Montserrat’s Christmas Festival may be played during festival and then never be heard again. Even when Festival music is recorded it rarely leaves the island.

But 21st century technology is a powerful tool. It enables us to preserve our musical and artistic heritage for future generations. It also allows us introduce our unique, Montserratian culture to an international audience.

A vast ocean may separate our islands from much of the rest of the world but we can easily stride across the digital divide. Look for the video of Belonger’s well-known Montserratian anthem, ‘Still home still nice’, on YouTube.


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Chuck Nagle said…
Would like to contact Pat Belonger Ryan. I am the subject of the song Sailing on a Dream.