Carnival TV | Live Broadcast Schedule For Carnival 2013

We were all in shock when the Panorama Semi Finals took place and there wasn't a video feed of the event. No video feed over the Internet and none at home in Trinidad and Tobago. Just imagine these organizations are all linked to the government in some for. Either owned or financed by the government yet they could not agree on a package deal amenable to everyone concerned to put the Panorama on Television. The problems have not been solved yet but there is hope. Carnival TV will stream some shows and one of the most important ones will be streamed for free on their network. Carnival TV's video feeds are of the highest quality and this is welcomed news indeed.

The coverage by Carnival TV is listed below. Spread the news and let everyone know that this is being done by Carnival TV for free. This is laudable and I am very unhappy that the people in charge of the National Television station and the NCC/TUCO could not have come to an arrangement months ago to stream the national festival to the World. This is such a shameful day for those entities. However, let's celebrate Carnival TV. They did not have to do this but they are doing it and the cost... Zero, Nothing!

We are streaming THREE SHOWS for Carnival and THREE shows ONLY. They are:
  • International Power/Groovy Soca Monarch Finals (Fri 8 Feb 8:30pm EST)
  • National Pan Finals (Sat 9 Feb 6:30 p.m. EST)
  • Dimanche Gras (Sun 10 Feb)
They are FREE...NO to Parade of bands...NO to Rama...NO to Machel Monday...No to Calypso Monarch! If we have any information on where you can see those shows we will be happy to share with you....

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