Calypso Monarch Finalists/Order Of Appearance T'dad 2013

Terrific Thursday is upon us; there is great expectation for a wonderful show because of the excellent talent pool the finalists were chosen from. The singers and the songs they will sing (to be updated) are listed below for your perusal. The show is scheduled to take place at the Queen's Park Savannah and should start at the scheduled time of 7:30 P.M.

Duane O'Connor (Reigning Calypso Monarch) is very confident that his two songs will be good enough to fend off former Monarchs Karene Asche, Kurt Allen and Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust who is currently tied with the Mighty Sparrow for most Monarch wins - 8). However, there are other young aspiring talented singers who would relish the idea of stealing one on Terrific Thursday. The women in this competition are very dangerous and could sweep the first three places if the men stumble. This is going to be a wonderful night of Calypso.

This show could be the start of something special for the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organization (TUCO). This is the second time they would be hosting the show on a night other than Dimanche Gras. If this is done right the show can grow and become something spectacular for future carnivals. Let's hope with the very special talent pool we have here that the show turns out to be an excellent one. May the best Calypsonian (male or female) rise and take what the crown they cherish (the one million dollars first prize is not bad at all!).

First Prize $1M

Contestants/Songs | Positions  1-6

Kurt Allen - The Last Badjohn Of Calypso
 Political Sin Phony
 Black Stalin Say

Victoria Cooper - Queen Victoria
♫ D Betrayal
♫ Club 34

Karene Asche
♫ Meh Pardna Ship
 Eat Ah Food

Duane O'Connor (Defending Monarch)
♫ Building The Wall
♫ Seeking Sparrow's Advice

Eric Taylor - Pink Panther
♫ Travel Woes
♫ Crying In The Chapel

Hollis Liverpool - Chalkdust
♫ Prodigal Son
♫ Virginia’s Alzheimer
Contestants/Songs | Positions 7-12

Kizzie Ruiz
♫ In The Age Of Blog
♫ TNT Forever

Eunice Peters
♫ None Of The Above
♫ Keshorn The Javelin Champion

Heather Mac Intosh 
♫ The Old Man’s Lament
♫ Invisible

Marvah Joseph - Marvellous Marva
♫ Come Back To What
♫ Woman Contribution to Trinidad & Tobago

Roderick Gordon - Mr. Chucky
♫ Bear With Me
♫ Addiction

Alana Sinnette 
♫ No Moral Authority
♫ Pathological

The Reserve Singer for the finals on Terrific Thursday is:
Carlos James aka Skatie - Prophet With Honour

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