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This is the Loop  Mix of 'Sunshine The Socapella' done exclusively for this blog by Mr. Desmond from Trinidad. The loop mix and the original a capella version are posted at the end of this blog note. This loop mix was done not only to get the beat and the vocals at the right speed (tempo) but to demonstrate that Soca is not only about the instrumentation, but can be more that just that, as demonstrated by Lutentants.

The artists on the a capella are originally from Dominica and St. Lucia but now reside in the UK.This song created an eight page thread on with many in awe of the song. I held the view that it is a novelty song and that it is not Soca based on my belief that Soca is all about the beat. However, many advised me that I was wrong. 

I had to find out and I eventually sent the song to Mr. Desmond who is one of better known professional DJ's in Trinidad and a person who works all over North America showcasing his talents. Well Deso (as I like to address him) did a loop mix of Sunshine not only to showcase the beauty of the song but to demonstrate how seamlessly the Soca rhythm fits in with the vocal performance. Thank you Deso!

The following was released by the production team of the original a capella 'Sunshine The Socapella': 
"The 'Soca Music Market' is rapidly evolving. From Island Pop Riddims to extravagant performances, season after season, the voice Of the artist is increasingly diminishing.

We all know the importance of ah good riddim, but does that over weigh the vocals & lyrics of the artist? This latest release by the hottest UK Soca duo is going to test that theory.

Sunshine The Socapella, is a composition Of lyrics & melodies combined with intricate harmonies to fuse together an a capela unlike any other. The simplistic delivery & innocent subtlety allows Sunshine to be enjoyed & relative to any audience."

Production Notes:
Title: Sunshine
Performed By: Lutenants
Mix Loop By: Mr. Desmond (contact information 1-868-722-8225)

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).
Sunshine Loop Mix by Mr. Desmond (Trinidad) - Lutenants 

Sunshine The Socapella (Original) - Lutenants

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