Soca Monarch Semi Finals | Horrible Audio & Video Feeds!

You know the saying, "don't stick" just get it right! Well the people in Trinidad and Tobago may have been able to hear the radio broadcast from the Arima Veledrome for the Semi Final round of the Soca Monarch competitions. However, that was not the case for those living abroad trying to hear the broadcast in the first case then, in the second instance, trying to watch the broadcast - It was a sticking experience.

This was nothing short of utter frustration! It was bad enough that both Bunji Garlin and Fayann Lyons-Alvarez chose to boycott the show but this is no way to promote the culture to the rest of the World. Not everyone can go to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival so they depend on the Internet feeds - free or paid. However, the experience is a disgrace! 

First of all the radio feed kept sticking but wait, there was no video broadcast until two hours later. While the Power Soca segment was going on (radio feed) the delayed broadcast of the Groovy Soca Monarch semi finals started and started sticking almost immediately. Now I have a download speed of 15 Megabytes and that should be sufficient to view the show without issue but the problems originated from Trinidad. Everyone I know was complaining about the feed sticking... this is so disappointing, no wait, this is an embarrassment!

Trinidad likes to boast that they host the biggest and best shows but they can't provide a proper service to feature these shows to encourage the World to come and see for themselves. These audio and video feeds are nothing short of pure frustration. 

I do hope that the finals provide better bandwidth so that the thousands of people who want to log on, pay and see the finals can view the show without interruption, without buffering - just avoid the sticking!

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