Monstrosity | Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano HD | 2013

This is new music from Skinny Fabulous and Machel Montano HD; this song was written by Machel Montano and Skinny Fabulous. Of course you will recognize this song from Vincy Mas 2012 when Skinny Fabulous sang his big hit titled 'Monster'!
I guess you can put a spin on just about anything. In this case we have a song that was a monster hit for Skinny Fabulous earlier this year. Now we have a rebirth of the track with Machel Montano and some new lyrics added with the song now given the name 'Monstrosity'. I bet when you hear Skinny Fabulous sing, "I'm a Monster" you will recall the song 'Monster' and not cement 'Monstrosity' in your memory. This is really milking the cow if you ask me. Nope, I don't think this is the song to mash up 2013!

I have a good feeling that if both songs are played (Monster and Monstrosity) that Monster will get a better reception than Monstrosity. However, Monster had its time and people are way past that song. They will have to hype Monstrosity in order for it to be as successful as Monster was for Vincy Mas 2012.

This was a hit song for Skinny Fabulous and both singers will ride on the success of the original hit done by Skinny Fabulous for Vincy Mas 2012.

This song had it time. It is now called 'Monstrosity' but the theme is the same with Skinny Fabulous at the helm of this one. This song will not be a hit for Trinidad Carnival 2013 - I said it!

Bottom Line:
Been there and done that... I am not drinking the cool-aid just because Machel Montano jumped on this one with additional lyrics. I don't see this song doing any damage unless, of course, the DJ's are being nursed on Machel's cool-aid!

Production Notes:
Title: Monstrosity
Written By: Machel Montano & Skinny Fabulous
Performed By: Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano HD
Brass: Garvin Machelle
Percussions: Jomo Francis & Penn
Produced By: Kubiyashi & Penn
Mixed & Mastered By: Kubiyashi
Copyright:  COTT

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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Monstrosity - Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano

  Monstrosity Remix (Grimey Remix)

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