Formula | Fayann Lyons-Alvarez | Trinidad Carnival 2013

"Let's Go!" Did you hear the lady? Well you better stand jump in the line and star to get on bad with Lady Fayann. She is not sticking or getting involved in the new cross over fusions of music that we are getting from other Soca artists. This is pure Carnival music - Soca to the max and music for fetes and for getting on bad and crazy bad on the road.
This is the remedy for Carnival music that creates the frenetic reveling that is so typical of carnivals in the Caribbean region. If you were wondering about the music called Power Soca then keep your eyes and ears locked on to Fayann. She is strong, vibrant and intent on taking the Carnival by storm with some heart pounding power soca music. For those who have been complaining about the music styles/fusions that have been released to date, this one will hit the sweet spot!

This track released by Fayann is without a doubt a track created to remind people that Fayann is intent on taking the road for Carnival 2013. If you are paying attention to the newly released music tracks for Carnival next year then it is easy to realize that Fayann is the one to watch for music that will have the revelers going crazy on the road. This release cements her position regarding her intent with a song that is designed for the road. This is one to watch and take note people... this eh no damn fusion Soca vibe, this is the real deal!

The lyrics for this song have one intention and that is for people to dance and have fun on the road for carnival. That is the intent and the lyrics encourage people to jump and wave and simply revel and have fun. 

Vocal Performance:
Excellent! This is Fayann in control. She is at her best with this formula. Instructional lyrics accompanied by music for getting on bad. This is Fayann doing what she does best - she brings you the remedy with a strong and controlled vocal performance. 

This is what it is all about. This music is Carnival music. This is a Power Soca music production done by Neil Bernard. The production is 'tight' and on point. One can say that he found the right 'Formula' for this vibe because the production surely got it all right! He knows Fayann and produced music that will have people 'getting on bad' for Carnival 2013. This song will also create havoc in fetes across Trinidad and Tobago. 

Replay Worthiness/Lasting appeal:
This song represents the power and all the energy that Carnival music represents. It is a song that should take control on Carnival days on the road; it is a song that would do well in fetes; it is a song that should get serious airplay for many reasons. First because this is Fayann and she commands respect in this business. Secondly it is a Power Soca track that is needed in this fusion soca world that we live in today. Thirdly, this song represents what Carnival is all about - feting and having fun! I see this song getting serious airplay and will be on the shortlist music that must be played. 

Production Notes:
Title: Formula
Performed By: Fayann
Written By Fayann Lyons 
Produced By Neil Bernard

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).
Formula - Fayann Lyons-Alvarez

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