Beautiful | Triniboi Joocie | Trinidad/UK Carnival 2013

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Triniboi Joocie is the sobriquet used by Rodell Sorzano when he writes, produces, and performs music. This young man's career started in his motherland Trinidad but he now showcases his talents in the United Kingdom. This new release is titled 'Beautiful' and it is one that should do well in the Groovy Soca category of music. This song has been released in time for the start of the Trinidad and Tobago 2013 Carnival season and much is expected from this very relaxed groovy song.

The song is over four minutes long so you get value and definitely did not get short-changed with the production. The lyrics are good and the vocal performance is 'on point' to help you get your groove on with that special someone 'in de party'!

The music production stays close to the traditional Soca rhythm. This one is not a fusion with any European vibe. It is done using sweet Caribbean rhythms in the Groovy Soca genre. The lyrical content is good; there is a story in the song; when you listen to the song you may be surprised that there is no reference to wining and jamming and rags and flags. This is just a well-written song.

As I mentioned previously the rhythms remained close the to heart and soul of traditional Soca music but with a sweet groovy vibe. The music production was well done and adds to the beautiful song that takes advantage of good music, excellent lyrics, and a very steady and in control vocal performance. This one is a keeper and should find a place in your mp3 player.

Now in terms of replay worthiness and lasting appeal, this is one area that this song will find itself in 'grey matter. This song even though it is worth it may not get the airplay it deserves from the jock at the various radio stations in Trinidad and Tobago - that is a shame! Why do I say that? Simple, Triniboi Joocie is not a known talent like Machel, Shal, Iwer, or Shurwayne, or any one of the well-known artists who get airplay regardless of the quality of music they release. That is just the way it is and hopefully, some change takes place to help young and upcoming artists.

The bottom line for this song. Sweet, good lyrics, good vocal performance, music to make you groove with the one you love, and just a general feel-good song. I like it and hope Triniboi cements his place as someone to keep an eye on for excellent music.

Production Notes:
Title: Beautiful
Performed By Triniboi Joocie 
Written By: Rodell Sorzano  aka 'Triniboi Joocie'
Produce & Mixed By: SD Productions UK 
Mastered By: Precision Productions. 
Additional Vocals By: Chloe Belle

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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