Respect Our Culture | Ras Komanda/cameo Mighty Power

Gone but will never be forgotten; this was the mission of Ras Komanda and Kenny Phillips of KMP MUSIC LABS when they decided to bring back into the mainstream the talent of the late Sonny Francois aka the "Mighty Power" - mission accomplished!

Only when a treasure is lost that we hear the masses speaking out and calling for the government or governing body to do something special in remembrance of that person. When our heroes are alive they are just mortal and are always taken for granted. Sonny Francois was one of the original participants of the first Independence calypso competition and was preparing to perform his original composition for the 50th. anniversary competition. However this never happened as he eventually succumbed to stomach cancer.

A promise made and a promise kept in very admirable fashion was accomplished by Ras Kommanda with the assistance of the great Kenny Phillips of KMP Music Labs. These two gentlemen got together and brought back to life this very classic composition that was sung by the great Mighty Power.

Now you may be asking the following question: What is so special about this calypso since the song did not win the inaugural Independence Calypso competition? Sometimes a song gains importance and relevance years after it is sung. Sometimes people understand the lyrics and may even have the singer back on stage with several encore performances but then again it could all be about the time, place, period and relevance of the lyrics. Today we have a populace that embraces every other culture except our very own. Their love for our music is at its peak during the festive Carnival celebration period but after the carnival is over the switch takes place and they cast aside their culture to celebrate that of another people/nation. This is where the song,  'Respect Your Culture', comes into play; this is how this song now has relevance!

Respect your culture admonishes the populace to respect and love that which belongs to us. A music genre that was born in Trinidad and Tobago but got thrown out with the bath water. The lyrics of this classic calypso reminds us to to respect and love our culture, our music above and beyond the call of duty. Love and cherish our musical heritage before we support the music and culture of another nation.

If, as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago you can understand and appreciate our very own culture then you will begin to understand the importance of the Calypso, the Calypsonian and the fact that we should keep alive the name of Sonny Francois and his classic composition titled 'Respect Our Culture'.

Congratulations are extended to Ras Kommanda and Mr. Kenny Phillips for the wonderful work they did in keeping the name of  the Mighty Power relevant and also for the music product that they  have provided for our listening pleasure.  The vocals complimented an excellent music production and there is no doubt that this version will find a place in the hearts and minds of those who still love 'Power' and still have some respect for our musical heritage. Long live Kaiso!

Production Notes:
Song: Respect Our Culture (Tribute to Sonny Francois whose sobriquet was Mighty Power)
Sung By: Steve Pascall aka Ras Komanda with cameo voice addition of  "The Mighty Power" (deceased)
Arranged and Produced By: Kenny Phillips for KMP MUSIC

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).
Respect Our Culture - Ras Komanda & Cameo Voice of Mighty Power

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