Machel & Precison bashing on Islandmix | She Ready 2013

The detractors have not wasted anytime on islandmix with their criticism of Machel Montano's first release for Trinidad Carnival 2013 titled "She Ready". True to form the regular haters have lashed out at Machel but I was surprised to see Precision Production taking some heat for the music production. The islandmix thread can be accessed at the following link: SoCA 2013: MACHEL - SHE READY (PRECISION PROD)

Just so that you (the reader) understand how much Trinidad's talent is disliked I have decided to post some of the comments here but then give my views on the song based on categories I think are relevant. My comments were posted on islandmix and were copied to this post without adjustments.

Here are some of the comments from the islandmix thread:
VincyPowa said (St. Vincent native):
He caah SING. 
Moreover, mentioning SUMMER when AUTUMN is around the CORNER is just PLAIN SILLY.
Yes, he is the BIG MAN in the UNDERGROUND SOCA INDUSTRY, because there is NO TALENT of WORTH coming out of Trinidad."

Bhalastic said (St. Lucia Native) :
1. "Oh my god you guys desperate. The is a mediocre offering by both precision and machel".

2. "My dude if you can't recognize this as an average song by both parties, which wont make it to the end of October, you need to have you soca appreciation card revoked. this is not hating on Machel or Precision, there is nothing worth getting excited about with this song. You are right it doesn't come close to the high standard, not just me but soca fan, have come to expect the machel or precision....."

Winn Dixie said:
"Come on folks, this is uh mediocre chune, just like advantage - or wat de name uh he chune frum two years ago? i tink de name is advantage.
Precision production just took uh step backward wid this one.
But den again it is trinidad so dem gine seh dat it good. he gine probably win soca monarch and road march. trini like mediocre soca anyway so wont surprise me wen he win."

You can catch the rest of the comments on the islandmix thread... the negative and some (very few) positive comments.

The following is one of my posts where I gave my views on the song and music production:
Not all songs penned for soca tracks tell a story or have any meaning that one could consider relevant. The lyrics tell a story and brings into play that Trinidad Carnival is coming... You can also look at the song as a story that plays out every carnival.... 

Vocal Performance:
This is typical Machel in control of the vocals and for this one he has vocal support from his 16 year old co-writer Josiah St. Lewis-Noray! Not only is this admirable but the combination worked well.

This is where a lot of you guys take issue with the song. Some have gone as far as to say that Precision has taken a step back! Say What? Those who live in glass houses should throw the first stone! Yuh think you can do better...go ahead and produce track after track and hit after hit. Precision did a damn good job with this one. Always remember that when playing checkers the person standing on the outside always see the 'right moves'. Get in the game and see what happens.

Replay Worthiness:
Just watch the hits the song is getting on YouTube and on islandmix to gauge the success it will eventually attain. For those of you who think that this song is mediocre or unworthy only time will tell. 

Lasting Appeal:
In this business anything is possible. New music will surely get first play but in the end the good ones will always get airplay. There are no Soca Music charts to judge a songs appeal or lasting appeal. However, we can use YouTube and Imix hits to gauge what is taking place with this song's appeal. I won't endeavor to use the radio stats... those are questionable especially in Trinidad.

OK, the vibe of the song has a familiar sound to it. Some of you say it is a recycled riddim/a Machel rework or even Precision taking a hint from another artists track. If you guys know anything about Kasey Phillips you will know that is not the case. He will be the first to come out and say yest we sampled from this or that song... Let's see if he has anything to say about this... I am sure they monitor these threads.

However you feel about this track that is your prerogative... I will say that I like it. Is it earth shattering? No, but it is a sweet song that is well written and produced and a very very good introduction for the upcoming Carnival in Trinidad. If you choose to accuse me of drinking the Precision/Machel Kool-Aid then I am guilty as sin. Take a listen to the song and conclude for yourself... is it mediocre or a good production?

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).
She Ready - Machel Montano

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