We Are | Rembunction & Friends All Star Remix 2012

I don't post videos anymore (just video links for the blog video player) but this video production is a must  see for anyone who claims to be a patriot - in other words, some who claims to be 'Trini2DBone'! This one is a patriotic gem that was originally composed and performed by Rembunction (one of my favorite Trini artists). The song features a plethora of Trinidad and Tobago's singers and celebrities. I am absolutely certain that you will love this musical video. A special salute goes out to Carl 'Beaver' Henderson on this masterpiece... Carl the production guru!

You can link to Rembunction's Facebook page at this link: Celebrating the culture of Trinidad & Tobago! The original song "We Are" and "We Are-All Star Remix" were done to celebrate the twin islands 50Th. anniversary of Independence. 

The original version sung by Rembunction can be viewed at the link below (press triangle in circle):
We Are (My Trinidad and Tobago).

The following are some of the artists/people who participated in the video:
Featuringthe following: 3 Canal, Alternative Quartet, Baron, Brother Resistance, Chris Garcia, Colin Lucas, Carl and Carol Jacobs and family, David Chow (steel pan), Denyse Plummer, Drupatee, General Grant , H2O Phlo, Isaac Blackman, Johnny King, Kees Dieffenthaller, K-Rich, Krystal Khane, Levi Mayers, Lydian Singers, Marge and Nihelet Blackman, Michelle Xavier, Nadia Batson, Olatunji Yearwood, Omari Ashby, Ravi-B, Rembunction, Ricki Jai, Shadow, Shurwayne Winchester, Signal Hill Choir , The Lydian Singers, The Burton Sisters, The Alternative Quartet and Ziggy Ranking. The video also features appearances by local personalities such as Errol Fabien, Janelle "Penny" Commissiong -Chow, Cecilia Salazar as Ms. Miles, Peter Minshall  (seen) and The Soca Warriors!

The following also made contributions towards the production of the video:
NIDCO, BP Trinidad and Tobago, K.Rich, Krystal Khayne, Heather Henderson Gordon & The Danse Caribe Dance Company and the Shiv Shakti Dancers. T&TEC, Jimmy Aboud, Clint Williams, Drink! Wine Bar, Trinidad & Tobago Media, San Fernando Hill Committee, Crew's Inn Marina & Hotel. 

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