Lord Brynner's Winning Independence Calypso | 1962

On Saturday August 25, 2012 TUCO, the governing body for Calypso, in conjunction with the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism will host the 50th. Anniversary Independence Calypso Competition.

This Jubilee Anniversary competition carries the name of Kade Simon whose sobriquet was Lord Brynner. He (Lord Brynner) won the competition from a field of twelve Calypsonians that included the Mighty Sparrow, Nap Hepburn, Pretender, The Hawk, the Mighty Power, Bomber, Dougla, Cristo, Chang Kai Shek, Striker and Lazy Harrow. 

On that special night Lord Brynner won the competition and took home the first prize of $1,000.00. Sparrow came second and won $600.00 followed by Nap Hepburn in third place taking home $400.00. The show on Saturday will have a first prize of $500,000.00 and total prize money allocated for the singers of  TT $1.25M. 

Tonight the blog features the winning song by Lord Brynner with the lyrics to sing along. The name of the winning calypso is "Trinidad and Tobago Independence". The Calypsonians selected to perform on Saturday will surely put a smile on the faces of those who will be lucky enough to be a part of this historic day in Calypso!

People only talking but they really don't know
What's the proper meaning for Trinidad and Tobago
Cipriani start the ball rolling
Now the Doctor doing the bowling
So we have Uncle Eric to perform a real hot trick.

Because this is your land, just as well as my land
This is your place and also it is my place
So let we put our heads together
And live like one happy family
Democratically, educationally,
We'll be independently.

31st of August, Independence
1962, Independence
Will go down in history for everyone of you
Forget racialism and nationalism too
Let discipline, production, and
Tolerance guide us through Independence

Conscientiously, Independence
And constitutionally, Independence
Forget all this lousy rumor about racial equality
If you are an East Indian and you want to be an African
Just shave your head like me
Then they can't prove your nationality

And next thing again
I want you to know
I must tell you plain
Whether your status is high or low
The time has come at last when there is no more
Colonial rule I believe
So together we will aspire, together we will achieve.

Information for this article was sourced from the Kaiso News Letters authored by Calypso historian Mr. Ray Funk.

See who won the competition at the following link: 2012 Independence Calypso Monarch Winner
Here are the 1962 results with the winning song for your listening pleasure.
1st Place - Lord Brynner  (Winner)
Name of Song: Trinidad and Tobago Independence

2nd place - Mighty Sparrow
Name of Song: Model Nation

3rd place - Nap Hepburn
Name of Song: Independence

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