Grenada Soca Monarch Live Stream | Semi Finals 2012

Unfortunately I was unable to catch this show from the begining. The performance, were well appreciated by the crowd in attendance. In the second half the place was packed and the people in attendance surely were having a great time. The sea of humanity were jumping, swaying and forming lines that moved through the masses in attendance. 

The size of the stage looked good viewing online but the impact of the music was not felt. The singers were easily heard but most of the music heard came from the drum set. The other thing I noticed was the stage lighting. There was not enough lighting on state. Sometimes it was dark then the main light would come on but there were no spotlights following the singers. 

After listening for a while everything became a blur... they all sounded the same. I know that a lot of people reading this (especially Grenadians) would not agree with this statement but that is what I came away with after listening for a while. 

Singing? Well, across the region, Power Soca Competition singing ends up with the singers doing more shouting than singing. I just don't understand this and then comes 'low, low, low' and they begin to speak to the audience. I can't stand this! I think it is about time the judges begin to penalize artists for doing this 'low, low, low' to speak to the audience during the performance. Maybe they should shorten the time the contestants have on stage thereby keeping them focused on the performance and their impact on the audience. Those who sing and don't shout should be rewarding for singing... wow, what a novel idea! Just having a little fun...

SMC/LIME Soca Monarch Semi Finals Competition for Grenada Carnival 2012. The following is a listing of the Semi-Finalists as they appeared on the show at Victoria Park in Greenville, Grenada (07.27.2012).

01. Mario Toussaint aka Mario
02. Alrio Abraham aka Shatta Ricky
03. Teddon Mark aka Teddy Rhymez
04. Devon Flanders aka Devon Flanders
05. Nelson Mapp aka Mr. Razer
06. Rowan Alexander aka Original Rhythm Mix
07. Rio St. Paul aka Snakey
08. Allison Sylvester aka Dry Bones
09. Kanell St. Clair aka Kanell
10. Asim Bernard aka Sylum
11. Michael Francis aka Smeshedon
12. Leonie Patrick aka Leonie
13. Jalon Olive aka Boyzie
14. Kelvin Celestine aka Otis
15. Nekoyan Bain aka Nekoyan
16. Cassius Morain aka D Hammer
17. Shirlan George aka Skinny Banton
18. Neal & Nervon Gabriel aka Black Blingers
19. Brendon Mc Kie aka Killa-B
20. Dingan Henry & Nyelon Williams aka Little Natty & Thunda
21. Hector Thomas aka Mr. Legs
22. Daryl Bernard & Jevon Campbell aka Shally Bally & Maga
23. Kenrick Austine aka Japs
24. Finber Andrew aka Short Pree
25. Neilon Ross aka Spontaneous
26. Marcus James aka Lavaman
27. Anthony Darius aka Young Sound
28. Hollice Mapp aka Mr. Killer
29. Randy Isaac aka Randy Issac
30. Theron Francis aka Maximillion
31. Garvin Moses aka Mozo

Standby - Barnard Williams aka Barney

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