"Girl Power Riddim" | Island Pop Music | Vincy Carnival 2012

Here we go with some new music coming out of Vincy land for their upcoming Carnival, 2012. I will say this immediately... I am not excited about this collection of songs. Maybe when you listen you will have a song that you like but nothing has caused me to call anyone to get these songs.
I always try to be fair to artists but lately I am looking at music coming out of St. Vincent a little differently because of one individual on islandmix who uses the name VP. I think that the music producers and singers out of St. Vincent should put a lid on this guy. He is doing more harm than good.

I remember when songs started coming out of Trinidad for Carnival 2012 I liked some but did not like a lot of them. I did find that the quality of music for Trinidad's carnival 2012 was better this time around compared to the previous year. Do you think that anything coming out of Vincy is 'not good' for this guy? Hell no... everything is gold! Maybe this post has already been derailed because my focus is elsewhere but as I always say... the music tells its own story!

In Trinidad, we had the emergence of Island Pop as conceived by Madmen Productions... I am not talking about music of the same name from Sean Kingston. The Island Pop out of Trinidad is  Techno fusion with an emphasis on Soca. Well what do we have with this Girl Power Riddim? They call it Island Pop Music and it is more in line with Madmen Productions music out of Trinidad. Now we have the Vincy producers taking a page from Madmen and creating a package with five female vocalists to start (more to come) using the Island Pop theme. I listened to the music and I haven't been rocked by the singers. My honest opinion is that the songs by Ms. Page and Tamisha are the best on the Riddim. Having said that, I must add that Tamisha's track has the best potential to impact a fete. These songs may get some airplay but Island Pop has ways to go before it gets equal airplay with traditional Soca music.

These songs will get lost and fizzle as the traditional Soca songs begin to rock the fetes. I will give them a pass for now but I am not feeling this "Girl Power Piddim"! Take a listen and give some feed back!

Production Notes:
Produced by D.Fresh For Meggawattz Productions; Mixed By DJ Jeanie (Digital Empire) and D. Fresh (Meggawattz Production); the tracks were Mastered by D.Fresh.

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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Girl Power Riddim Mix 

Individual Tracks below:
Girl Power - Ms. Paige

On Me - Tamisha

Doh 'Fraid - First Lady

Waisteline Power - Shazeke

Domination - Sibo

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