Trinidad Style Carnival for Arizona, U.S.A

I recently came across an article posted on several Caribbean websites regarding a planned Trinidad-style carnival for Phoenix, Arizona. The event is scheduled to take place from May 25th. to May 28th. for the first time. This event is planned for the Memorial day weekend and should provide lots of fun for the citizens in the area. This is going to be the teething stage of the event and should grow and become another successful Carnival event in the USA. This also means that Trinidad and Caribbean artistes would now have another stop in the US and will be able to earn additional revenue as this event takes hold on the state. The following is the article that was posted on the website Soca Revolution.

Carnival Coming to Phoenix, Arizona, in May

Yet another Trini-styled Carnival will take root in the State of Arizona, USA. The ”first ever” Trinidad &Tobago Caribbean styled Carnival will debut on May 25th to 28th (Memorial Day weekend) in “the Valley of the Sun” under the banner Phoenix Carnival.

This year, the people of Arizona and other Carnival Associations will be introduced to a version of the traditional Trinidad &Tobago Carnival.

This dazzling parade and festival with the theme presentation “You Ain’t See Nothing Yet Mama… Is We Mas” will feature stilt walkers, Pan Round De Neck Bands, Steel bands, Traditional Ole Mas, Junior and Senior Masqueraders in colorful garb and masks and Native American Dancers among others.

“Once upon a time, out of the desert emerged, the earth people of Arizona. There were several tribes who worshipped the gods, but a tribe from the Diaspora called trini2dbone loved to party, got together with the other tribes for the annual festival known to all as Carnival……….”

As a prelude to the Parade on Sunday 27th May in Downtown Phoenix, there will be several pre-carnival events and parties.

Phoenix Carnival will be one only of a few such carnival events officially sanctioned by the government of Trinidad &Tobago.

The Caribbean American Phoenix Carnival Cultural Association (CAPAZ) is the driving force behind the Carnival Parade. CAPAZ is a registered non-profit, tax exempt organization that works diligently with community leaders, businesses and the Caribbean Community to establish a voice for the people of the Caribbean.

For more information on how you can join in and be “chippin in the streets” please contact CAPAZ at 623 582 2038 or email


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