Return To Salem | Joanne "Tigress" Rowley

Do you recall building 2 Trou Macaque in Laventille? It was a scene that no one wants to remember and as told in the newspaper reminiscent of the World Trade Center as family members jumped out of a burning building to save their lives. Several people died terrible deaths because family members could not agree resulting in the death of four family members because of a fire set by a disgruntled family member- domestic violence is a crime against humanity!

Now I purposely wrote the above paragraph for emphasis but more so as a poignant reminder of the pain and suffering so many women silently experience. The lady chanteuse has magnificently painted this painful canvas  in a song titled, "Return to Salem".

The lady knows her craft and has done a brilliant job telling a story that we choose to ignore resulting in pain and suffering for our mothers, sisters and daughters. The name of the chanteuse is Joanne Rowley and her sobriquet is Tigress. The lyricist who penned the song is named Christophe Grant and together they created a masterpiece that brings out the pain so many women have to suffer at the hands of evil people masquerading as humans in our society. There was a time in Salem when women were burned at the stake 'simply because' they chose to speak out or acted in a certain manner. The reference in the song points to the parallel that is taking place today in a society that should know better.

Tigress is loved by many and her voice brings out the pain and even anger that so many women want to express but don't or can't do for fear of reprisal. This chanteuse had ensured that you know what is taking place and how bitter the men are when they choose to vent their anger on innocent women and children. In this case this has nothing to do with driving out the devil just blind displaced anger that results in physical violence and sometimes in barbaric manner like the Laventille incident.

It is sad that the easy way out is to start by hitting then the beatings and severe abuse that results in death. Tigress cries out for justice but at the same time demands that we do something about the anger that results in pain for so many. We have ourselves to blame for this travesty.

I am so proud of this talented lady. Kenny did a wonderful job with the music - wonderful job guys. What can I say about the vocals - excellent; the music is so right and yes people the art of calypso is alive and well with lady Tigress. She has vocalized for the upliftment of the society; this is phenomenal because the rule of thumb for today's music is jump and wave, wine and  move your booty music.

The next category is a difficult one to read - replay worthiness. This  should not be a problem but there are radio stations that simply won't play this song - however, tune in to Wack radio and you are guaranteed to hear this beautifully rendered track.

I wish Tigress all the best in her pursuit of the title that all calypsonians cherish and with this song she has a masterpiece to work with. Lets wait for the next song to accompany this well crafted calypso.

Production Notes:
The singer is Joann "Tigress" Rowley. The song titled 'Return to Salem' was written by Christophe Grant and arranged and mixed by Kenny Phillips for KMPMUSICLAB, Palmiste, San Fernando in Trinidad.

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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Return To Salem - Tigress

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