"Mr. Sat Man" | Wayne "Kassman" McDonald

KMP Music Lab says Calypso is "Alive and Well" and so it shall remain in TnT! Well what can I say about this song? First of all, I smiled and then  I laughed and finally breathed a sigh of relief. All is not lost and with time the good stuff will eventually rise to the top. This is the work of Mr. Kenny Phillips and it is good!
Now in my introductory paragraph I said I was relieved... let me explain. I am relieved because this is the type of music that we expect for Carnival and one that took a story that broke in the news and was relevant to the society - this is the role of the calypsonian and it was well done. 

I also said that I smiled... I smiled because the story teller did a good job and for those who followed the story about the conflict between Sat Maharaj and the principal of that school in Tunapuna one would realize that the song was not just on point but was also a teaser!

I laughed because the song is a damn good teaser and even though I thought the sarcasm was a little bit overdone I think that this song is what our calypso was and still should be all about. Now here is the nice thing about the song. It is a calypso that was done with an Indian rhythmic vibe and a pace that will be acceptable to a market base that was so important to the calypsonians - the East Indian community. Yes the song pokes fun at a very famous East Indian Trinidadian (and his values) but then again he is one of the most hated persons in the Country (I say that without reservation). Did he say Sat has friends in government? Hmmmm... there are a few lines in the song that deserves some licks but I will give it a pass at this time. 

OK, OK, enough of Sat... The music was slamming and the production was tight. Listen folks the song had everything, rhythm, the right pace and a singer who delivered. I don't know who is Wayne "Kassman" McDonald but Kenny Phillips really put together a strong vibe with the music and the singer delivered. Vocally it was strong, Lyrically on point and funny as hell, musically it was rocking and regarding replay worthiness and lasting appeal you should contact Sat and ask him about that. This is calypso and not soca - the Soca Switch should not apply to this one but then again Trinidad's society and the music is in flux so expect anything. Here is the bottom line ... the damn song sweet, it is funny, it is musically sound - get it and add it to your play list.

Here are the production notes:
The singer's name is Wayne "Kassman" McDonald; the song was produced by Mr. Kenny Phillips for KMPMUSICLAB in Palmiste, San Fernando, Trinidad. Contact Number: (868) 653-1820

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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"Mr. Sat Man" - Wayne "Kassman" McDonald

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