"I Am A Digger" | Rudy (TRU ABU LaFamilia)

This song has a nice traditional calypso rhythm to it and a very relaxed singing by David Millien who I think goes by the name Rudy. They have this one stamped as Groovy Soca but I don't grasp the Soca beat here; I think it leans more on the side of calypso.

Now if you look to the left at the photo of the singer and listen to the song and pay attention to the lyrics then I am not sure that you will place the face with the song. Some how the singer and the lyrics of this song don't add up to the person in the photo. The vocal in this song are relaxed and the delivery is good. There is nothing special about the singer's voice but the combination of  his voice, the background singers and the music make this one good change from the fast paced beats that we have been hearing to date.

So he is down in a hole and he he is digging 'ah hole'. I think you have to use the creative side of your brain to come to terms with the hole he is digging here. Now when he says 'ah digging and ah digging, ah digging left and right.... I am sure you get the idea the hole he is in and the job he is doing - just use your imagination... LOL! Come on now, did you get the digging left and right... well did you?

Look the bottom line is this one hit the sweet spot with me.  The singer's voice lends something to the song and the back up vocals sound like a group of guys liming and having a good time with members from an engine room adding some iron works while they are having some sips and talking about something that made Rudy's day.  Either you get it and like it or it simply passes over your head. I approve of this song. 

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I Am A Digger - Rudy

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