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Here is something new for you to critique by the artiste known as Sizwe. The name of the song is H.I.A. (Hands In The Air); the song came from Julian Promos and is presented here for your listening pleasure. 
Prior to receiving this file I really did not know anything about this artiste but did some searching and came up with a few bits of interesting information.  
Sizwe is originally from Montreal Canada but now resides in Miami, Florida. Soca music is in his blood... His roots run deep in the Caribbean. coming from a bloodline that is part Trinidadian and part Haitian. As a child he was immersed in the music of the islands, especially the music of Trinidad and Tobago, and today that love and desire has brought forth this talented vocalist. 

This song has to fall in the Groovy Soca category. The Soca beat is a delayed one with the song tending to fall away from Soca and could be described and "New Age Soca?". I don't know for sure but this is a strange one - call it fusion music or music for the youth. The bottom line is that I like the song  However, I am still wondering how relevant will this song be for the carnival? This song feels more like something for the clubs... ah ha (light bulb/moment of inspiration)  that is what it is, and that could be a good thing for Sizwe because this song should get radio play after the Carnival is over. This song will have relevance after the Carnival when the vast majority of songs released to date will have to wait for the next Carnival in one of the islands to get on the radio again (don't forget Trinidad's Soca switch now).

Production Notes:
This song was produced by JusShane Productions; it was mixed and mastered by Precision Productions out of San Fernando, Trinidad.  The lyrics were written by Peter "Wildfire" Noel. Take a listen to the music of this very talented artiste and remember his name - Sizwe!

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Hands in The Air - Sizwe


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Sizwe said…
Thanks for the post. We worked very hard on this record and appreciate the write up.