"Doctor Say" | Shadow

This launch was billed as the official launch of Shadow 2012 but the man has already released "Doh Mix Meh Up" and Naked Riddim last month for Carnival 2012. This launch was different because it was done live on www.trinicrossroads.com (a new website) that deals with local and international news. I am surprised that I did not hear this one played by Mr. Desmond from Wack Radio (the only 24/7 total local radio station in Trinidad and Tobago). I have a good feeling that Mr. Desmond will have something to say about the song when he goes on air today!

This new song has the trademark signature sound of the Baseman from hell who started to make waves in the music business since he started in 1971. The lyrics are typical of what Shadow is accustomed doing - there is a logical madness to his sweetness my friends and it all has to do with you prancing, jumping, and shaking yuh body. Shadow's music brings out the dance in everyone (even if you have 'two left foot'). The vocals are clean and easily understood with the infectious Shadowmania music ringing out of the engine room - yes the iron sweet!

So how would we rank this one in the big scheme of things? First of all I have to love it because he takes us back to a time and place when the music was simple and sweet. The lyrics are not complicated but easily understood. The message is clear and to the point, it is all about dance, dance, dance, jump it up!  I am truly amazed with the bulk of music coming out of Trinidad this year and Shadow is also compiling a list of releases to add to the mix.

The music, as I said before, is infectious and sure to make you move, tap your feet and bubble your head! Today we have the birth of Island Pop and fusion Soca so I applaud the use of traditional instruments... the use of the iron and major use of brass in the music to set the pace. Kudos to Shadow - Trinizagada gives this one the check mark of approval - this is sweet music! Those of you out there who can't wait for the next Machel song to drop should take a moment and listen to this one - it is wicked!

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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"Doctor Say" - Shadow

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