Caribbean King of Kings Calypso Championship | St. Kitts

Who will be crowned King of Kings in the Caribbean Calypso Competition for 2012 this is scheduled to take place in St.Kitts tonight? I am sure you have a favorite but do you know the singers participating and more importantly have you ever heard them sing before?
Well it won't be long again before we know the winner. Don't be surprised if your "King of Kings" turns out to be a "Queen"!  This competition is not well know but hopefully will be an annual event and island hop as the rivalry grows between the islands. Isn't it a shame that we don't support our own but will rush to pay to see an American artiste perform?

The following are the participants taking place in the competition tonight. (This post has been adjusted to show the first five places in the competition after the results were announced.

Karene Asche - Trinidad & Tobago  Winner 761 points
Tasha P  (Dominica)  - 721 pts.
Pungwah (St.Kitts)    - 711 pts.
Sacrotes (St.Kitts)    - 691 pts.
Zakari    (Antigua)    - 673 pts.
King BoBou - St. Maarten
King A Jamou - Grenada
King Meeko - Nevis
King Ricky T - St. Lucia
King Timo - St. Martin
Might Pat - St. Croix
King The Bear - Antigua
Red Plastic Bag - Barbados
King Luther - Tortola
Mighty Talent - Aruba
Kung Fu Plenty - St. Thomas

There was also some disturbing news (unofficial) that the show was not a success financially and that no one got paid (prize monies) - what a shame if that is correct!
Karen Asche from Trinidad and Tobago Won the title of Caribbean King of Kings and as I mentioned in my earlier post we could have a Queen instead of a King - that was not a prophesy because Karen is a superb singer! In the words of  our very own Sprangalang, Karen is now the Caribbean Qking! Karen shocked the male dominated Calypso World when she won the title of Calypso Monarch for the 2011 Carnival festival hosted in Trinidad at the Queen's Park Savannah. Now she has cemented her place as a major threat for years to come. It will be interesting to see what happens in Trinidad for 2012 and do you think that Kurt Allen is taking notes? 


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Anonymous said…
Why wasn't Montserrat mentioned?
Santiwah said…
I don't have the information about Montserrat!