Born Ready | Bunji Garlin | Trinidad & Tobago 2012

Bunji says that "we ready for the mass now" and wants the revellers to have their "hands in the air". This song is all about the riddim and the instructions given by the leader, in this case Bunji Garlin. He is ready but I am not sure that most people will be ready for this song. I was in awe with his Cosmic Shift but this one did not capture me or got me excited the way Cosmic shift has done.
Vocally the song is strong, the lyrics are typical for a Carnival production with nothing out of the norm. The lyricist is urging his supporters to be ready to basically revel and have fun on Carnival day. The lyrics are clean and that augers well for the production. Some ideas in the song may be redundant to the person who is not tuned it to West Indian Carnivals but are typical for those whom are seasoned revelers. 

The music is more in the line of what is typical for a Monday Mas in Trinidad with a drum riddim carrying the masses (this is ecstatic for Carnival Monday Mass revellers). Yes whistles and the Jab beat are typical of Monday Mas.
Now, I can see the revelers on the street 'getting on bad' (i.e. having a damn good time) with this one on carnival day. I do believe that a song like this one, "Born Ready" is a song for Carnival day for those masquerading in the band. This is not a fete song or a radio song. I don't see this track doing well and getting played much on the radio. I could be way off base but that is the way I feel about the song. So to be redundant, in my opinion this song was designed for revelers in mind, for Monday Mas or late Tuesday evening when the Masqueraders have shed their costumes and are all about their 'last lap' prance. As an onlooker I will give the song a 'hands in the air now pass' but for the many masqueraders/revelers on the streets of 'Sweet TnT', this one gets a massive THUMBS UP!

Production Notes:
Title: Born Ready
Performed By: Bunji Garlin
Produced By: Thygeson (Penn) Joseph & Irvin (Ace) Loctar from Studio758 out of St. Lucia & Precision Productions with Ian Alvarez.
Mixed and Mastered By:  Precision Productions.

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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